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Designer Devotion: Beats X Fendi

The latest designer collaboration in town is Beats and Fendi (move over, H&M x Balmain). This exclusive collection is the collaboration between leading headphone manufacturer and the Italian luxury fashion house and it just makes you want to have the headphones. If you are an avid music lover and love luxurious items, this collection arrives just in time for the holiday season.


Beats is famous for its headphones and its premium sound quality. This special collection has the headphone wrapped in Roman leather. Price: POA.


It comes with a custom made Fendi leather case for your Beats headphones. Each case colour is matched with the headphone colours.

This collection comes in 7 colours: Grey, True Blue, Yellow, Red Flame, Cyan Blue, Black and White.

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I โค๏ธ iTunes Radio

I love listening to music on iTunes Radio on my iPhone 5c because you never know what new song or new artist you will discover! The other day I found this new song by Rock Cityย and I love it so much! It is on repeat at the moment!! Honestly when I looked up the song on Wikipedia I was shocked it is not the usual genre I listen to. I am very happy that I am able to discover more good music through iTunes Radio.

iTunes Radio is available for free through Musicย on iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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iPod touch 6

Mid July Apple has quietly launched the iPod touch 6th generation. I am a great fan of the Apple’s iPod touch for numerous reasons: cheapest iOS device, light, powerful and occasionally when you feel like taking a break from phone calls and messages from work yet you still want to have the iPhone experience – iPod touch is the answer! I have an iPod touch since 2011 and this 6th generation iPod touch (after nearly 4 years of waiting) is one of the best and most powerful iPod touch yet!

#1: A8 Chip

iPod touch features Apple designed A8 chip built on 64-bit architecture. This is the same chip used in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In other word, this iPod touch is 10x faster than iPod touch 5 and definitely faster than iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S. A8 chip has great battery life that gives you up t0 40 hours of music and 8 hours of video playback.

#2: 8MP iSight Camera

iPod touch 6 features an improved 8MP iSight camera that can be found in iPhone 5c, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2. I am glad Apple has listened to customer feedback and improved the camera on the iPod touch. I love carrying an iPod touch for short holiday. It is light and easy to carry around. With the 8MP iSight camera, I cannot wait to shoot lots of beautiful photos on my next holiday. The new iSight camera comes with new features such as 120-fps slow motion video, burst mode, time lapse video and high resolution camera.

Even the front facing camera has been improved too! The new improved FaceTime HD camera allows you to take better selfie and of course when you are having a FaceTime call with your loved ones, everything seem sharper and clearer suddenly, especially on the beautiful 4 inch retina display.

#3: Improved Wireless

The new iPod touch 6 includes the latest wireless technology. When you are connected to a WiFi network, you can make FaceTime calls, send messages, post photos, and download your favourite games and music. With new support for 802.11ac, you will experience up to three times faster WiFi than withย 802.11n. iPod touch also supports Bluetoothย 4.1 technology, so you can connect a pair of headphones for listening to your favourite tunes, or a game controller for racking up a new highย score.

For more information about the iPod touch, click here.

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Make Social Networks Safe!

Everyday spams surface on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I usually ignore most of them but recently there is this spam that annoys and bugs me so much that I need to express my views and share my tips to make social networks a better place for everyone.

Lately on Facebook some irresponsible bloggers out there have brilliantly photoshopped a lotus on a man’s neck and claimed that it is an adverse effect of using a particular shampoo brand. The image is so revolting and disgusting that it gives me goosebumps everytime it appears on my timeline. It is these kind of spams that make our experience on social networks awful and could potentially leave a psychological scar in viewers.

We cannot control what others out there are doing but as a social network user, we are responsible of what we write, post, tweet, comment, like and share on social network. For example, this lotus photoshop case could have been avoided or prevented from going viral if people learn to use our social networks appropriately and responsibly. Here are some tips that we could all use to avoid spams from going viral in the future.

(1) Check the source of the link. I always open up links only from trusted sources such as Twitter, YouTube, Weibo etc. If you are unsure, upon opening the link, if it prompts you to allow a third-party website to access your Facebook information, DON’T DO IT! Chances are that once you have given the green lights for these third-party websites to access your information, they could misuse your PERSONAL INFORMATION! If some websites prompts you to share the page before you can continue reading, DON’T DO IT too! If someone genuinely wants to share information with the rest of the world, they would offer to readers or viewers without any T&C. Otherwise, hit search engines like Google or Bing to search for similar articles from different sources. If it is a GENUINE piece of information, other websites could be sharing the same information too.

(2) ‘Like’ verified pages. There are thousands or millions of pages out there. I like the idea of Twitter verifying accounts of celebrities, organisations, companies, political parties etc. End of 2013, Facebook has also incorporated this feature. Verified accounts mean that information, photos and links posted by these pages are 100% SAFE and they are monitored on a regular basis by professionals. If some pages are not verified yet, check with the companies or organisations OFFICIAL WEBSITE and from there, click on the social network links to link you to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.

(3) Report. Whenever you see or suspect something that is potentially a spam, do the right thing and report! There is a report feature on Facebook and Twitter. Report any suspicious articles, links or pictures, comments that violate or breach the T&C of the social network. For example, revolting pictures like the recent lotus photoshop image, semi-nude photos, child pornography, racist comments or remarks and so on. Together we can help to bring down all these to make our social networks spam free and safe for everyone to use.

These days social networks are not only used by teenagers and young people. The population demographic has even extended to adults and older generations. Every social network user is responsible of their own action on social networks to keep them safe and sound. We should have zero tolerance for spams as they are potential source of viruses that could harm your computer or even hack your personal information. Do not let this happen again in the future.

Together we can make social networks safe for everyone.

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Apple has finally unveiled its iOS7! If you have the following iOS products, you can upgrade to the most advance operating software that is years ahead of other competitors out there! Best of all, it is FREE!

* iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
* iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4
* iPod touch 5

For more information, please visit Apple homepage on iOS7!