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My first post for 2016 Flashback Friday #FBF goes to High School Musical. On 20 January 2016, Disney and the entire HSM crew celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the movie. The above video was shot early on in January when Disney recruited all the 5 main casts for a sit-down interview. Can you believe it has been 10 years since HSM was released?

A decade later who knew songs like Breaking Free, We’re All In This Together can still be so catchy? I still remember I love the Wildcats so much I watched the movies over and over again. Thank you Disney and everyone for bringing HSM to us! #90Kids #DisneyChannelOriginalMovie

Relive the hit songs below:

We’re All In This Together

Breaking Free

Still can’t believe it has been 10 years. Long Live High School Musical!

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Saw this on Facebook today and I thought I should do this shoutout to all the 90s kids like me who went to school and having had to “create” our own ankle socks! Thinking back it is stupid and ridiculous that schools prohibit students to wear ankle socks for no clear reason at all. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Girrawheen SHS Outreach Programme

Today, I am so fortunate to be part of UWA Aspire High School Outreach Programme. Girawheen SHS has a special place in my heart because in 2013, I spent a fantastic and unforgettable week with students and teachers from Girawheen SHS in a Math Summer School Camp. I have always wanted to go back to the school and inspire more students to further their education beyond high school. I have always fundamentally believe that all young Australians should have a fair go in education and strongly believe that education is a right, not a priority. Hence, I try to reach out to as many students as I can, hoping to spread my believe, inspiring more young Australians to pursue education and the chance to change their lives.

Today I am so fortunate to work with a group of Year 10 students. These students have to select their subjects in a few weeks time and UWA is trying to help these students to choose their subjects wisely. As the students were immersed in their activities today, I was walking around them and suddenly a student raised his hand and I approached him. I greeted him with a smile. His voice was trembling and sounded a little insecure as he asked “What is ATAR? What is TEA?”

I smiled, sat down and talked to him. His tone, despite the tremble and sense of insecurity, I could tell that he was serious about university. He wanted to go to university. He wanted to know more and I was more than eager and excited to share with him everything about university. From his soft, trembling voice, I could sense that he was a little helpless. As he gradually opened up and spoke more, I was glad I stopped by and had a chat with him. He told me about his studies, he asked me about ATAR, he asked me how could he get into UWA, yes he specified UWA. He told me about his Italian background and how in his family, going to university does not seem like an important thing. This boy, at such a young age, is serious about getting an education in university. Despite lack of support from home, his words and actions showed that he is such a mature boy at his age. I felt like I wanted to talk more to him but time eventually runs out, like always.

I left the school today feeling bittersweet for the boy. I am happy, as he told me that Aspire UWA was the first point of contact that has inspired him to further his education. I am happy for him, for he is such a matured boy at his age. I am happy for him, for he foresees that education is the key to open more doors of opportunities in the future. At the same time, I feel sad for him. Coming from a low socioeconomic high school and a family that lack support in education, I feel like he is a true gem inside and I hope one day he is able let his inner gem glow and shine. As I left the school today, my mind went blank for a while, recounting the conversation that I had with this boy. He reminded me how grateful I should be that my family supported my decision to pursue my dream degree in university. He made me feel that my work with UniDiscovery and Aspire throughout the years are worthwhile. He reaffirmed my believe in education equality for all, something I will always believe strongly. He reminded me there are still many young children out there who are not getting a fair go in education. He made me feel I want to help him more. Leaving the school with a million thoughts, I wished the boy all the best in his studies but most of all I told him, “I’ll see you at UWA one day.”

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Throwback Thursday: High School Musical

This week Throwback Thursday has to go to my favourite Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) of all time – HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! I remembered the movie came out when I was 13 or 14 years old and I had my first Hollywood celeb crush.. ASHLEY TISDALE!! I adore Ashley Tisdaleย so much and I still do! I love her role as Sharpay Evans in High School Musical.

Listening to this song and watching the video clip bring back so much memories of my high school life. High school is indeed one of the most beautiful times of my life. Oh those golden teenage years and those beautiful youth that are long gone!

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Throwback Thursday: Prefect Group Photo



These two photos are the group photos taken back in 2009! That was four years ago when I was back in Kuching High School and being a prefect! I remembered these photos were taken on the day Madam Khadijawati Abdullah retired. Madam Khadijawati was an experienced, seasoned and great Malay Language and Geography teacher! By the way, can you spot me in the crowd?

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Happy May 16th!

To all those wonderful teachers that have stepped into my life and touched me, nurturing and moulding me into who am I today, all I could do is salute to you all solemnly and with great respects.

However, throughout these years, things have changed and so as the way I perceive thing. Perth has been a great place and taught me a lot of things, especially from the way I embrace the society and the world. The distance between where am I now which I can consider as my second home and my hometown has taught me a lot too. Anyway, switching back to the original track, I am here, with humongous appreciation to my parents who go through the mill of transporting from a place to another. Not only my dearest parents, but to also my teachers.

From the joyful and fuss-free kindergarten to another fun-filled elementary school and then to another thrilling, exciting and challenging secondary school, from the bottom of my heart I thank all the teachers who have taught me, even though you could have been a temporary teacher. Yet invoking a Chinese saying that sounds, “Once a teacher, forever your guru“. To my kindergarten teachers who have taught me without hesitance and marvellous patience and primary school educators who are patient with our childish behaviour and immature acts, thank you very much.

As for my secondary teachers, not only you all teach me the importance of knowledge, during the rebellious stage of a teenagers, you have been the light shining on a sailing boat with no clear direction on the coarse see, you shine us how to love someone with the true heart. You teach me to express my true self and be valourous and courageous to embrace the challenges in society and the world that lie ahead of me. You teach me that there is no fear in venturing through the darkness for you have equipped me with the best treasure that I can carry all along my life – KNOWLEDGE.

For more than a decade I have been in schools and now moving on to college, I really miss all my teachers. And for this year, I have learnt that the greatest reward a teacher want is not only the aisle of straight As you have and the gift you present them, it is the simple words like ‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you’ that is enough to touch their soft heart, for you still remember teachers who have taught you before. Thus, this year, I have decided to say a humongous ‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you’ for there are nothing else mightier than the 2 phrases that you have taught me throughout my whole life!

Hence, to all teachers who have left their footprints in my heart, I sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart and last but not the least, today is the day just for you!


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*I know I am one week later to post this XD*

Cheers! I got my SPM result last week. Oh well, most of my friends have asked me about my result on Facebook and Skype and some perhaps have even seen my name on newspaper. *vain much*. Anyway, just a post to keep record for myself. Haha. I was totally over the moon when I received my SPM result! I could still picture myself jumping like mad when I received text from Mdm. Tan. XD.

Below is my result, my purpose is not to show off, but to keep my own stuff in mind. XD













And yes you know! Straight As for me! XD. Despite the fact that I did not obtain straight A+s, which never come across my mind though, I feel very happy about my result. Look! I hate Chinese so much when I was in Form 4 and Form 5. I screwed Chinese for 2 consecutive years and I turn out not bad! Haha. Lessons taught to someone: Never judge a book by its cover. XD

Ocean of thanks to my parents, who bailed so much money sending me to tuition classes, purchasing reference books and workbooks for me until an extend where my bookshelves collapsed! XD. Think about that, I could have spent thousands on books. But anyway, I never regret and I love my books, especially Maths and Additional Maths books! I love them and I keep them like treasure, even now! XD

I’d love to thank all my teachers, for their unfailing support and help throughout all these years in Kuching High. Oh KHS rocks! Iย  mean I have been in Kuching High for 5 years and I managed to excel with straight As back in PMR and now SPM! So, KHS was not so bad after all! XD. For tuition teachers who have assisted me along the way, bunches of thanks are here for you all too!

Lastly but not the least, to all my friends who have assisted me in any other ways, thank you so much throughout these 5 years! Thanks for what you guys had taught me directly or indirectly! Now, sitting in front of my MacBook, I had suddenly a very spacious feeling. I suddenly felt so fortunate to know all my bunch of loyal friends back in Kuching High, who really taught me the hidden meaning of a genuine friendship, the sacrifices teens can make for their friends and lots more. I tend to make a lot of reflections recently. More post are to be up soon!

Congratulations to all my friends who had performed marvellously! For those who might not be satisfied with your results, SPM is just part of the journey of your life. It’s the present and future that matter the most. See! I was so trashed when I got my UPSR result back then. I flunked it, it was like 6A 1B and see, I grow up to be well, PMR and SPM were like bon voyage to me! XD

Till then, and I miss you all!


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The Epilogue Closes Well

Can you still remember you were once the jumpy pumpy little kid fooling around in secondary school when you first step in Secondary One? The one that has no worries and just love to make friends, venture into new adventure as we unveil the next chapter of our life.

Jumpy pumpy me was all around in the school cooperative movement throughout the five years, providing faithful and unfailing service to the school. When the school began this year, little did we know that despite all those reluctance, we are soon to bid goodbye again to our school. However, we were still overtaken by the fun and chill with friends, the hyperactive moment in co-curricular. Never ever it flashes our mind that 14 December was so fast, or should I say rapid like thunder.

We went through so many stuff this year especially for Highians. We were the pioneer to organise Kuching High’s Down Memory Lane – our school open day. Never before our seniors did that and all we could do was seek advice around. That was indeed one major challenge we had this year in co-curricular.

People changes. Yup. So friends change sometimes, from time to time. Unpredictable is the word. You might not realise that but for once we could be so close and nice and the next moment something might have prop out. Yet, I know that we are still clenching on the friendship, a bond that we hope it could lasts.

Examinations are definitely our worst nightmare. It plunges us straight to hell when teachers kept on reminding us about SPM or The Malaysia General Certificate of Education. We knew how essential that papers were. Perhaps the jumpy pumpy part of us that still exists within our deep heart core. We were sometimes like ‘Never mind, there is still essential time for revision’. Little did we know that procrastinating was a bad thing, yet we were like daredevils going against time.

5 years is a long time. If you were to ask me to blabber them all out once, I might not be able to do so for so many things coincided and occurred. However, 5 years of High School life has definitely taught me something beyond what is found in our syllabus. High School taught me more about SELF-DISCOVERY, FRIENDS, LIFE and many more. In fact, I guess it is infinity.

For friends, I do hope we can clench onto our friendship and make it lasts forever. We have ventured through hardships and odds together and I sincerely wish that we could carry on with it until the rest of our life. As for rivalry, I have decided to cast it aside, after all we are now all separated.

As for teachers, some dearest teachers who have taught me, I sincerely thank you from my deepest heart. Some of upper secondary teachers who are kind enough to walk pass my life and touch me, they are like Mdm. Lee Wai Fong, Mdm. Ting Yee Ung, Dr. Lau Bee Yian, Mdm. Ting Tieu Wei, Ms. Lim Yee, Mr. Chen Fong Hin, Mr. Eng Bung Chai, Mdm. Hu Sing Min and Ms. Ko Hui Ing. Not forgetting my junior level teachers such as Mdm. Nazrah Maruf, Mdm. Sutinah Mohd. Tahir, Mdm. Tay Moh Teng, Mdm. Chin Chei Vun, Mdm. Norayati Ahmad and lots more. As for some teachers who ain’t so good, once again, also thank you for teaching us, despite you might not be so good. XD

At last, 14 December 2009 marks the end of SPM and also the end of my high school life in Kuching High. Although tears did not fall, little do I know I am reluctant to bid goodbye to the school. However, people has to move on to the future and we cannot always stay putt at where we are. Looking forward to a brighther future is what my school wants all of us to do, and we are doing that.

Anyway, the epilogue closes well with all of us graduating from high school with a proud title called…




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Finance Club Gathering

I know I was absolutely procrastinating. The Finance Club Gathering was back in August and I only update them now. So sorry. And my blog was so still and dead. Every day I thought of accessing the Internet and update my blog but to no avail. Thanks to my trial exam. No choice. Study. Study. Study. Study. Blah =p. Sick of it.


Yup. Everyone all time’s favourites – Pizza XD


The famous pepperoni pizza! Yummy! I L.O.V.E. this one =)


Whenever there is a new techno stuff, there is Pauline! Haha

Oh well, finally a year of hard work and diligent effort for the school Finance Club pay off! And since I handed my post over to Yen Ru officially during the club AGM, my sweet time of being the club’s president and my journey in the school co-curricular draws to an epilogue.

Co-curricular taught me the three stages of life:

1. Initially, when you first join a club, you would be lifted with high spirit, high hope and you are absolutely committed. It is also at this stage you make more friends and increase your boundary in life.

2. This stage you begin your struggles. You feel so stressed out by your work besides academic pressure. We all crave being a all-rounder but sometime God creates us with certain limit. Pushing to the limit causes you to show apathy towards your club. It is always true that after you reach the peak of anything, you would either plateau off or slide down. It’s proven true. =)

3. The stage of waving goodbye. At the end of the day, despite all those hardships you have ventured through throughout your 5 years, you will have a feeling of unwilling to let go. Either the sweet or the hurting memories has being craved in your heart core forever. When you flashback, you would feel so touched and proud of what you have done! Trust me. That’s true. Also, you have come to this stage of your life, it’s because you got…

2009 Group Photo



Teachers – for being considerate, loving, caring and guiding us throughout these years

Friends – who have being truly stand by your side and bring you through everything!

Seriously, at the epilogue of my co curricular life, I would allow tears of being touched and loved fall, as much as it wish. The tear is the silhouette a fond memory of my school life! And I am seriously enjoying my secondary life.


Till then and may our path cross again!

Friends Forever =)