Poems: And So They Say

They say to dance in the rain for there is rainbow after the rain and so they say. In the midst of all of our trembling whispers shivering souls confusing thoughts and conflicting emotions we doubt our resilience to march through the darkness. Toying with time as rain dampens us we anticipate with hope the… Continue reading Poems: And So They Say


He Saw

I He saw the troup of energetic footballers, Roaming freely on the green field as spring blooms, Letting the high spirit spreading everywhere, Making no boundary for happiness. II He saw the pair of love birds on the grass, As he gently wrapped her around his arms, Whispering softly words of love into her ears,… Continue reading He Saw

Warmth Within

Mum knew it was coming busy and frustrated she was at the laungry and the sudden feeling of guilt that just bombarded into her. * Little after-school children hustling and packing their bags jerked loudly but sadly I could hear nothing. * The overture was performed before an orchestra unveiled the cacophony of unpeace urged… Continue reading Warmth Within


Weโ€™ve had enough and more than adequate, That tears were meant for the weak, And ainโ€™t the dish of a hardcore, For decades and centuries this misleading, And puzzling rumours passed on, Hunting the mentality of so many. * Tears belongs to the valor, Cause only the valor has the courage, To admit their inner… Continue reading Tears