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Poems: And So They Say

They say to dance in the rain

for there is rainbow after the rain

and so they say.

In the midst of all

of our trembling whispers

shivering souls

confusing thoughts and

conflicting emotions

we doubt our resilience

to march through the darkness.

Toying with time

as rain dampens us

we anticipate with hope

the promised rainbow

it is what they say.

And so they say

such is life

and we wonder as rain

comes and goes again.

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Honouring Death

If the next breath is the last

I will leave with honour

And with the glamorous pride you honoured me

Put your hands up and give me


to celebrate the life.


Cover me with Hermes

And I carry my Louis Vuitton suitcases

to travel, and find myself spiritually

Fashion never die, for it is


Flame that never die

and always live in our heart


Never let you fall apart

Never let your flame goes out.


Life is an ART


ART that brings you the FAME

and FAME is the MONSTER

that devours and kills and soon

it takes the last breath


but I stand on THE EDGE OF GLORY

and I die for FAME

for I am the MONSTER myself and,

I honour the MONSTER within.

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He Saw


He saw the troup of energetic footballers,

Roaming freely on the green field as spring blooms,

Letting the high spirit spreading everywhere,

Making no boundary for happiness.


He saw the pair of love birds on the grass,

As he gently wrapped her around his arms,

Whispering softly words of love into her ears,

Posting love high up in the air on a summer day.


He saw a group of mates sitting together,

Raising cups of hot coffees on an autumn day,

Invoking jokes and raising laughter across the tables,

Even the day had given way to the darkness.


He saw a hunchbacked figure at the back of the street,

Shivering as the body made it through the dark,

He lent an assuring hand to the homeless old man,

On a cold winter night yet it seems so warm within.

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The Dinner


Like soft cotton wool

As it gently laps on the cheek

Like chirping birds in the woods

It whistles through the cacophony.


Under shades and dim moonlight

Cars cross and exchage pathways

On boulevards and highways

From here yet the noise is muted.


A storyteller must be telling a story

Indeed a deeply moving one

As teardrops begin to fall from above

Dampens the streets as cars swift by.


Like a journey to Rome again

Walking down the streets with aroma of pasta

Savouring spaghetti splurging in heaven

Italians have a touch to lift the mood.


As time elapses and life sails on

December is wrapping up the year

With Christmas decorations and melodies

What a splendid evening it is.

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Freedom of Soul

So as the first breeze of spring sweeps through

The roses of beds shall bloom

The berries in the orchard shall bear fruits

And I shall take a stroll alone under the canopy.


From a distance I could hear laughter

Little children screaming while chasing one another

Sharing the joy of that spring has brought about

For a new chapter of life begins.


I smell the faint yet nice aroma from the kitchen

I know there shall be a feast tonight

As I look at the bright red berries on the trees

I wish I could be tall enough to pluck them.


I heard Dad pulling his car into the garage

I run towards him and cheered

Dad and Mum hug and exchange kisses

While I splurge in the heaven on Earth.


I wish you could be here to enjoy the spring

I wish you would not mind slowing down

Take a deep breath and take a stroll in the greens

Under the canopy you will find something spacious.


Find a friend that will last you for your life

Be there with you through the sunshine and rain

Through the odds and evens and I call it


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Like One of Four Seasons

I wish you were the spring

Like the roses and blossoms that bloom

Spreading the aromatic scent to all

As the morning breeze brush through them

Like opportunity and golden chance

And endless vibrant energy throughout life

With best wishes of all

May your novels be the next international bestseller.

I wish you were the summer

Laze around occasionally yet filled with joy

Life sails smoothly like the voyage at ocean

Throughout the 104 days of summer vacation

With inspiration and perspiration of summer

Shall the sunshine shine bright hope

As director Ryan Fisher make it to the Oscar

Walking glamorously away with recognition.

I wish you were the autumn

Strolling through a yellow wood

Holding her warm hands in yours

As the chilling autumn breeze blows

Shall she wraps herself around you

With blessings and loves shall you and her

Walk through not only this autumn together

But throughout the four seasons till the end.

I wish you were the winter

Of mugs of hot chocolate and latte

Encircling the warm heater with family

Exchanging endless conversations and laughters

And little kids running around

Anticipating for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

With here I wish you in humongous sincerity

May love shower you and your family.

I wish you are a true friend

Who will be with all your friends till the end

August 18 comes once a year

May you dance with joy today

With great valour you walk through land and sea

Like one of four seasons,

I wish you a simple yet significant


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Or Perhaps

Miles and distance I would wish to cover

Across county and state lines the feet walk through

Perhaps the blister or the exhaustion have slowed it down

To where I pause and I witness this scene.


I watch the sun rises and wait for it to set

With simple melodious harmony coming from a distance

From a small pub in a small town

And given the chance to think about life again.


I lay down my backpack and lay on the ground

And decide to leave it here with encapsulated thoughts

Before I rise and leave and off for a new start

Or perhaps a journey is waiting for the heart to unfold.


Wondering through the Savannah

Travelling through mills and mountains

Till a place where my heart ask me to stop

For that will be the place I find you.


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Warmth Within

Mum knew it was coming

busy and frustrated she was at the laungry

and the sudden feeling of guilt

that just bombarded into her.


Little after-school children

hustling and packing their bags

jerked loudly but sadly

I could hear nothing.


The overture was performed

before an orchestra unveiled

the cacophony of unpeace

urged daddy to quicken his pace home.


Grandma gathering her grandchildren

sitting beside the warm fireplace

exhanging cups of hot chocolates

they quietly listened to the folklores.


Of World War and ancient heroes

the atmosphere was shattered

the adrenaline gushed out of nowhere

it piereced through the silence.


Grandpa rocking in his comfy chair

overlooking the droplets on the window

enjoying his newspaper by the fireplace

with a seep of Brazilians’ coffee.


Potato salad and grilled chickens

warmly served on the dining desk

with great affectionate and care

despite the torrential pour out there.


Despite all challenges you face

Sit together and enjoy a feast

Toast away all your worries and stress

Grin widely and be thankful of the dinner


There is a place for everyone

A place you would feel the warmth within

If and only if you and me play our roles

Home – a place like no others.

A family is a heaven in nature. Treasure it or you’ll loose grabs of it.


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We’ve had enough and more than adequate,

That tears were meant for the weak,

And ain’t the dish of a hardcore,

For decades and centuries this misleading,

And puzzling rumours passed on,

Hunting the mentality of so many.


Tears belongs to the valor,

Cause only the valor has the courage,

To admit their inner thoughts,

Bawl out their unsatisfied,

Cry out the pains and sufferings,

They encounter along their journey.


Letting the droplets fall,

Something so simple and natural,

The valor let them flow free naturally,

Letting them form a stream downs our cheek,

To signify the end of our pains,

And time to erase the hurting past.


The valor ones know that,

The tears falling down,

Tell them a message that,

After a big bawl,

We learn our wrongs and it’s time,

To make admen towards the wrongs.


The cowardice who do not dare to,

Admit their inner thoughts,

Pretending being valorous so they are,

Contrastingly the internals are all appalling,

And that’s when the pain hauls on,

Until the day which one cannot withstand,

No matter how strong you are.


Shed away the tears,

Admit your mistakes,

Make admen to them,

Walk out of them with styles,

And in the fabulous way.


That’s what tears are –

The end of the haunting past,

The start of something new.


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Of such a Life of a Child

Dedicated to Dawson, who gave me the inspiration to pen this during the midst of examination. XD

I saw him
burrying himself with literature
hauling grammars
and so as figures
alongside with algebras
and theorems of science.

He travelled along
and ran swiftly of a
sudden when
dark past hunts him down
and abandon him
in the midst of a

He was lost and his
apathy towards institution has
ignited and so
off he went drifting
wondering with no sight.

He requested for
a hideout
when the statistics
flew back like
a vigorous stream
and he hallucinates
a mirage of heaven.

He desires to be in there
forever –
the impostor just
creep past like a meteor
plunging him
back harshly and violently
to the reality.

I see the appalling
the hazardous
and the dark
surrounding him
and took over
of such –
a wonderful naive planet
of yet another
vulnerable innocent child.

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