April Photoshop Works

You are always here for me and you never give me up. All I could say is "And that's why I love you..." The photo was taken along Second Avenue, Claremont. It was actually taken in the afternoon but I put it into Photoshop CS4 for some touch up. I change the image colour to… Continue reading April Photoshop Works


Ego can't bring you further but stop you at right where you are now. Though important sometimes, still never let it takes control of you. Still the same ME, reject whatever you scorn, LOVE whatever you crave. I've been thinking lots recently, ain't I? All the best in your SPM Examination! *to friends worth the… Continue reading

I Got It!

What is this? XD. It's none other than my very own latest Photoshop edition!! ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS4!!! Finally I got the latest version of photoshop. Too bad it's only trial version. Anyway, Cheryl promised me that she will aid me to look for the keygen in a jiffy. Keep finger cross. XD. I really like… Continue reading I Got It!