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August Astonishment

Today, I finally got to meet up with an old friend of mine. It had been a little trouble trying to reach him by phones and texts but finally we made it! We scheduled for a cup of coffee at Garden City as I presented him something that definitely lifted his mood up, or at least his wife when she is preparing meals for him in the kitchen.

I do not know how long this #McNabfied thing has been going on but life has been umpteen better, more inspiring and meaningful after I hit off well with such a good friend. Consider a close mate who somehow, I wonder if it is by coincidence or we share mutual opinions, always give me the correct advices and the encouragement that I need at the correct place and time.

First, he has always been there for me whenever I raise the matter on applying my Australia citizenship after my family and I are granted our full Permanent Residence. Secondly, he never fail to show his unfailing support for me. And that is exactly the driving force that has driven me to be solving more Mathematics questions in UWA today and in the future. Thirdly, as the second generation of immigrants in Australia, we find something we have in common. We find our place in a new country. Then, we talk about loses and gains in life.

Moreover, he advocated and agreed when I told him this morning I am doing Accounting this semester. He showed his enthusiasm and passion when he heard that I am doing Accounting as my broadening unit. I can still picture his outrageous passion, his brimming smile and most importantly his faithful support for me. He has always been a pillar whenever I need one. When I am lost in the midst of the ocean, there is always this bright light radiating from the nearby lighthouse. I know I will see the light because he has never fail to be there when I need him.

It has been more than a year since we first met. I can never ever forget such a wonderful friend. With all my heart and soul, I cherish our friendship. In my prayers every night, I include in them as I hope you will stay healthy and may life be filled with joys and happiness despite some odds every now and then.

In many years from now, I can still see myself telling people around me, how fortunate I am to have a friend like him. He is like a guardian angel to me. As always, he is the one everyone has heard about. Thank you for the latte today.

Life has been umpteen wonderful and beautiful.

And this is why you have always deserved all these credits – NEIL MCNAB.

But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.

Thomas Jefferson

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Celebrate 19th on Twitter!

This year, I’ve decided to bring birthday celebration to a whole new level. Yea, I’ll be celebrating with you all on Twitter! Look at what I have just tweeted!

This is a #HAPPYBIRTHDAYLEONHA offer! Throughout the whole day, #March25, follow me on Twitter. I’ll follow back! LH

I’ll deliver my promise. Meanwhile would you all keep the birthday wishes rolling in?


We’ll be making a special phone call to my best + honourable friend – Mr NEIL MCNAB! I am looking forward to talking with him over the phone today! And of course don’t forget #McNabfied on Twitter!

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McNabfied Day!

MARCH 11, 2011

I can’t believe this! I meet Neil McNab for the first time in 2011! I am totally over the moon. Honestly. Frankly. Seriously. I am overwhelmed. I am on cloud nine! I meet Neil McNab.

It is awesome to catch up with a close mate, a mate whom I can spend hours talking to. We are close mates. It is perfect to catch up with a good friend whom I haven’t seen for more than 3 months. And I am truly honoured, to have such a friend. Neil McNab, a truly remarkable Maths lecturer, a typical Aussie friend and definitely a truly honourable mate for life.

Keeping up with Neil is awesome and fabulous. We have endless or infinite topics to talk about. I reckon, in life, close mate can come in different sizes, ages, races and background. Yet, we still hit off very well. It is the kind of genuine friendship you will not want to give up, for life!

So, here’s a humongous cheers for our friendship!

When Julia Gillard mentioned that “You have a true friend down under.” and “…real mates talk straight.” during her speech to the Congress of United States in Washington on 09.03.11, I knew she is right. Indeed, I have a true friend down under whom we can talk straight. And he is NEIL MCNAB.

I am very honoured. Indeed, I am truly honoured

To have such an honourable mate

Who extend wonderful and great mateship.

Life’s never more interesting without you.

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I Wonder

There are lots of thoughts and questions flying all across my mind right now. I am curious. Curious to know how the future may turn out to be. Curious to know what tomorrow may hold. Curios to know how the next minute is going to be like. Who would ever know what would happen to our friendship after half a year spent together like this?

I have a fear too. I fear that I move on too fast as time elapses. I fear that I leave behind so many important things in life. I fear that I lose the sparks between us as time advances. I fear that when we meet again next year, nothing much could fall out from the lips. I fear that I maybe the one who swift through time and forget about you.

I know. People often commented that a friendship built upon a strong foundation will have a strong bond and hard to break it. As I always believe, as life marches on, we experience different things in life. Many things in life will affect the way we behave, the way we think, the way we perceive things, the way we respond to external stimuli and many other ways.

As I tap my fingers on the computer and on the table, I wonder how our friendship will turn out to be after we embark on our journey after 25 November. I will be working diligently to realise my dream – to graduate with honours in Mathematics. I will be too striving hard as I stepped out the society. I will have to focus on my personal life as each second tackles. I have so many things lying in front of me.ย  You will be happily enjoying your retirement, idling away your time since you told me you have not got any plans yet. Nevertheless, I do keep my finger cross that I will not forget such a good friend like you.

I’ve thought about it.

Life has to march on. Time eventually will run out no matter how long the time is.

But one thing I am sure. I’ll always strive hard to keep our friendship alive, keep the flame glowing, keep the fireworks bright, keep the sparks forever. And I hope by then, you’ll be one of the huge crowd present during my graduation in the near future. Besides my family members and relatives feeling proud of my achievement in university, I hope by then you’ll be there to see me graduating – for I strongly believe part of my achievement comes from your inspiration, your success and our friendship!

In 2010, I met a special friend – a special friend that changes my life.

Life sails on as usual.

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Neil McNab

To a wonderful lecturer who has inspired me, a great teacher who teach me to purpose of life, a truly remarkable lecturer who showed me something beyond what we learned in class or in particular Room 49, an honourable man who shares his life experiences selflessly with the people he cares, a helpful and kind lecturer who is willing to help his students during his leisure hours and in fact, there are still so much to talk about.

To a close friend who is always there to be my audience, a loyal friend for giving unfailing support and great advice, a cheerful yet sarcastic at sometimes friend whom I sometimes am compelled to be the listener, it is the mutual understanding and effective communication that makes up and strengthen a friendship, this is what we learn from friends. And also, thanks for the assuring words when I need some assurance. For the welcoming words that make me feel welcomed in a foreign land, an ocean of thanks is never sufficient.

Last but not least, to an incredible author who writes our Maths Specialist study guides. I must say that’s the first point when I look so highly up on my lecturer. It is also his success that inspires me one thing in life – You set your own goal in life, you work hard for it, your dreams will come true.

And so I present you…

Me standing proudly next to my Maths Specialist lecturer – Mr. Neil McNab!


Life marches on as usual,

Time elapses as second tickles by,

Whatever a truly noble lecturer has taught,

No matter how many years has gone by,

It shall be immortalised deep within,

An ocean of thanks just for you!

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