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#TBT What I’ve Been Looking For

It’s hard to believe that I couldn’t see!


That you’ve always been beside me! Ashley Tisdale has recently uploaded a rendition of What I’ve Been Looking For from High School Musical. This is the first song that Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) and Ryan Evans (Lucas Grabeel) sing together in the movie. And can you believe that this has been 10 years now!

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Film Review: Power Rangers

It’s Morphin’ Time!


For my 25th birthday this year, I decided to go to the movies with some of my best friends and watched the one and only Power Rangers! As a 90s kid growing up, Power Rangers is perhaps one of the best thing that could happen to me. I remembered I look forward to every Saturday because Power Rangers will be on TV and I get to watch these superheroes in action.

Enough throwback Thursday talk. Let’s talk about the reboot. The reboot reimagines the characters we all used to know so well. From Jason Scott to Rita Repulsa, the movie retells these characters’ stories. I was first skeptical of the reboot but boy after watching the movie, I fell in love with the new movie. It explains a lot of things that the original series does not. For example, in the original series Rita Repulsa was first to have the green power coin. In the movie, the writers creatively linked this by making Rita Repulsa as the original Green ranger, only to have gone rogue because of her greed for more power.

The entire movie pays tribute to the original series. From Rita Repulsa’s iconic line “Make My Monster Grow” to the romance between Jason and Kimberley that fans have been dying to see, this movie has definitely got many 90s kids to rush to the cinema to relive the movie.

Two more things I would like to point out:

  1. Dacre Montgomery who plays Jason Scott the Red Power Ranger is from Perth, Australia!
  2. Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank who played the original Kimberley Hart and Tommy Oliver made a cameo appearance in the movie. What a nostalgic feel!

Final verdict: If you are a 90s kid who grow up with Power Rangers, you definitely do not want to miss this action-packed movie which will lead you too to a down memory lane.

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Fan Friday: Power Rangers

My fan boy moment!

Exactly one month to the worldwide release of Power Rangers! This is a reboot of my childhood favourite tv show, Power Rangers. I am such a huge fan of Power Rangers. Remember when I shot a parody of Power Rangers with hit929? Relive the moment here, here and here (where I met the original Red ranger)!

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My first post for 2016 Flashback Friday #FBF goes to High School Musical. On 20 January 2016, Disney and the entire HSM crew celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the movie. The above video was shot early on in January when Disney recruited all the 5 main casts for a sit-down interview. Can you believe it has been 10 years since HSM was released?

A decade later who knew songs like Breaking Free, We’re All In This Together can still be so catchy? I still remember I love the Wildcats so much I watched the movies over and over again. Thank you Disney and everyone for bringing HSM to us! #90Kids #DisneyChannelOriginalMovie

Relive the hit songs below:

We’re All In This Together

Breaking Free

Still can’t believe it has been 10 years. Long Live High School Musical!

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Mother’s Day 2015 Gift Idea

Another year of Mother’s Day is around the corner again. Can you believe how fast time passes? It is always that time of the year we scratch our head to figure out what is the best present to give to our mum as a token of appreciation? Here is my 5 gift ideas to share with everyone.

#1: Balenciaga B Dot

Balenciaga latest perfume, B., has a green woody fragrance that is sophisticated, sensual and feminine at the same time. B. is available at Myer from AUD$100. I personally love this scent and I hope mothers out there would love this scent too. It is the perfect scent for mothers, whether they are out shopping, having high teas or even at work.

Price: $100 (30ml), $150 (50ml), $180 (75ml)

#2: Fitbit Watch

These days it is important for everyone to stay fit and healthy. Give your mother this Fitbit charge watch this Mother’s Day to encourage and motivate her to stay on tip top condition. After all mums are like superheroes, from taking care of everyone in the family to working, this Fitbit watch can help them to monitor and track daily steps taken, calories burned, distance walked etc. It will give them a sense of accomplishment after a long tiring day when mums take a break, not only have they finished running all the errands, they have their daily dose of exercises ticked off the list too. Fitbit charge comes in black colour and two sizes (small and large), available from Target.

Price: $169

#3: Country Road Scarf

With autumn and winter in full swing now, make sure your mum stays warm and stylish at the same time. This jersey knit scarf by Country Road not only is a piece of wardrobe staple for women, it is soft and comfortable to put on throughout the colder months.

Price: $59.95

#4: Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride

Treat your mum to a good book and to make things even better a beautiful love story. The King of Storytelling, Nicholas Sparks released The Longest Ride in 2013 and has been adapted into a movie in 2015. The movie premiered in April. I read and watched both the novel and the movie and I am in love with it. So this Mother’s Day, why not either buy your mum a copy of Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride from Dymocks or arrange a date with your mum to go to the cinema to watch The Longest Ride?

Price: $19.99 (paperback)

#5: Céline Medium Luggage Phantom Handbag

If you have extra cash to splash, why not buy a Céline classic to add on to your mum’s wardrobe or designer collection? The medium luggage phantom handbag in bright yellow colour is so Céline and your mum would appreciate it. The handbag is so versatile. Mum can use it for both work and leisure. It is a bold fashion statement piece for mum who is always on the go, out and about and travelling.

Price: $3000

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The Best of Me


Get your tissues ready! Another film has been made based on Nicholas Sparks novel and this time is based on Sparks 2011 novel. It is a story of two lovers, Dawson and Amanda before and after 20 years apart. I remembered when I read the book, Sparks beautifully told the story to the readers. I just watched the trailer and I cried. I cannot wait to watch the film in the cinema. Coming out this October!

Fun fact: James Marsden who plays the lead role in The Best of Me has also starred in another Nicholas Sparks classic The Notebook back in 2004 as Lon Hammond, Allie (Rachel McAdam) fiancé!

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Throwback Thursday: High School Musical

This week Throwback Thursday has to go to my favourite Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) of all time – HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! I remembered the movie came out when I was 13 or 14 years old and I had my first Hollywood celeb crush.. ASHLEY TISDALE!! I adore Ashley Tisdale so much and I still do! I love her role as Sharpay Evans in High School Musical.

Listening to this song and watching the video clip bring back so much memories of my high school life. High school is indeed one of the most beautiful times of my life. Oh those golden teenage years and those beautiful youth that are long gone!

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Yea. I finally got to be hauled out from the prison of doing assignments and studying and freak out to seek some fun. XD. So after searching and analysing, we finally made up our mind to watch Twilight. It was supposed to be scheduled last week but many things were not confirmed yet, so we are compelled to push it back to today. XD

We invited tonnes but many cant turn up as most of them are caught up in the Christmas Bazaar sales located in Crowne Square. Too bad we miss the fun of hanging out with them or is it too bad they miss the fun of watching this fantastic film? XD.

The movie I gave it 7/10. Majorly due to the girl who protray the role of Bella Swan. Karen, Felicia and I think that she’s a little unnatural and when she spoke or conversed, the tone was quite tense and created an uneasy and unnatural feel. XD. The climax part wasn’t nice enough or exciting enough. The battle was short. And if you do read the original book by Stephenie Meyer, you’d realised that the director jumbled up lots of things and canceled out many scenes. For example, Bella’s mum was supposed to email her.. not talked to her on the phone and Edward’s supposed to expose his muscular body in the Italian restaurant in Port Angeles, instead it was switched to the hilltop. XD.

Official Twilight Movie Poster
Official Twilight Movie Poster

Twilight the Movie

It’s really a fascinating movie with heart-capturing story lines. A movie that involves vampires, romance and youths, a perfect and splendid movie for anyone who wish to spend the remaining days of your holidays. XD.

Enjoy Twilight-ing =)