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What an Extraordinary Week!

This has been an incredibly extraordinary week. I had my first live radio interview with Hit92.9 brekkie crew Heidi, Will and Woody and being able to share with Perth’s audience my childhood dream and how it becomes a reality. I debut my first short film which has garnered 10K views in less than a day which I am thankful for all the people who has watched it and have a good laugh. Most importantly, I manage to meet my first childhood hero – Austin St. John the original Red Power Ranger and have a photo taken with him! Austin gave me his autograph, we exchanged pleasantries and I showed him the Power Ranger video clip I shot with Hit 92.9! No words can express how excited I am meeting Austin who played Jason, someone whom I look up to since I was young. Austin is so friendly, nice and approachable that I am almost breathless and nearly missed a heartbeat. Growing up watching Power Rangers this is definitely a dream come true for me!

This entire week is an extraordinary week, perhaps one of the best week of my life. I feel like I am almost reliving my childhood again. I am thankful for all the opportunities that hit the door and above all, I learn to be resilient and determined to unlock goals, chase dreams and ‪#‎PursueImpossible‬ in life. LH

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Spread the Wings Wide!


Could you please let me spread my wings wide and without boundaries?

Let me fly to my dream world, let me chase after my own dream!

I know I can’t satisfied everyone with the decision I made. But Robert Frost‘s “The Road Not Taken” reminded me of the importance of chasing after my own dream. I need to chase after my own dream. I do not want to be faltered and debilitated mentally just to satisfy my parents.

I have apathy towards Science – don’t ask me why. If you compel me to study either Biology/ Chemistry/ Physics related courses, I am gonna lead a mirthless life and I do not want that.

I guess it’s time to let me spread my wings wide and let me chase after my own dream, pursuing the pleasure I crave, grabbing hold the insouciance after battling, arguing, convincing you guys to let me study Mathematics.

I just want the insouciance and so please do not compel me anymore.



Taken from KC’s blog~

I feel so frustrated everytime we have to discuss my future course.

Please, I’ll just respond you “Mathematics

I am now adamant and I add another phrase

Dad and Mum, it’s time to let go and let my wings spread widely, freely and without boundaries..


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Suddenly, I feel like going for a vacation

Suddenly, I am desire to let go off everything

Suddenly, I am inspire to have everything

Suddenly, I just want to be myself

Suddenly, I hope…

Suddenly I wish…

Suddenly I dream…


I awoke from my dream

and tell myself…

Life goes on as it is, time elapses by itself

and I just have to make my own decision…

in additon, time will prove everything… =)


P/s: I am very blur what am I scribbling tho. XD. Excuse me for hallucinating again. ‘Cause this is what I like. XD. You can’t stop me =)