Health Benefits of Blood Donation

You're not just saving lives! I came across this really cool article that lists the surprising health benefits of blood donation. Free health check up. This can help you to uncover any potential health problems that you might not be aware of. Reduce harmful iron stores. Hemochromatosis is a disease that causes an iron overload… Continue reading Health Benefits of Blood Donation


Learn More About (RED)

Learn and help educate others! In this short video, learn how you can be part of this global organisation to help fight AIDS and stop the transmission of HIV from HIV-positive mothers to their children. Together we can be powerful enough to stop this and be a generation that put an end to AIDS.… Continue reading Learn More About (RED)

#EndItForGood   (RED) has always been a non-for-profit organisation that I support. Today, the foundation has helped over 20 million people and the work should not cease there. The foundation provides free medication to many less fortunate people affected by HIV. Most of them are innocent babies who inherit HIV from their parent(s). In this… Continue reading #EndItForGood