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Learn More About (RED)

Learn and help educate others!

In this short video, learn how you can be part of this global organisation to help fight AIDS and stop the transmission of HIV from HIV-positive mothers to their children. Together we can be powerful enough to stop this and be a generation that put an end to AIDS. Together we can help turn more funerals into more birthdays and celebrate life.

For more information on how you can help to combat AIDS, visit (RED) today.

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Donate Blood This Easter!

Make this Easter a meaningful one!


Whilst most Australians will sit down and enjoy our long Easter weekend eating hot cross buns, please do not forget that 1 in 3 Australians still needs the generosity of blood donors to help them keep going with their lives. If you want to make this year’s Easter a meaningful one, step up your game and donate blood, plasma or platelets. Your donation will help Australians to spend another festive season with their loved ones.

Find out if you are eligible to donate here and to make an appointment simply call 13 14 95.

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Your Blood Save Lives

Be a true Aussie and lend a helping hand to a mate!

Red Cross Blood Services has recently shared this picture about Sadie who is battling leukemia. Do you know that whether you are donating whole blood, plasma or platelets in one way or another you are helping people like Sadie? Please be generous, roll up your sleeve and donate blood to save lives.

I also hope companies will support this important cause and provide employees time off to donate their blood and help save lives.

For more information please call the Australian Red Cross Blood Services at 13 14 95.

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Donate Blood in 2017!

And help save lives!

If you have not had a new year resolution yet, make sure you add lives saving to your resolution this year. Join me and many volunteers around Australia to donate blood, plasma and platelets. Every donation counts and can help to save countless lives!

Find out how you can do good by calling 13 14 95 or visit Red Cross Blood Service.

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Donate Blood This Christmas!

I am always proud to tell others that I am a blood and plasma donor with the Red Cross Blood Services. I urge everyone to consider to be a donor to help save lives. One in every three Australians needs blood or blood related products donations throughout their entire life. Find out how you can donate here or search Donate Blood.

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(RED) has always been a non-for-profit organisation that I support. Today, the foundation has helped over 20 million people and the work should not cease there. The foundation provides free medication to many less fortunate people affected by HIV. Most of them are innocent babies who inherit HIV from their parent(s). In this new video, it is so touching to see these children are shining despite being affected by HIV. By purcasing product (RED) merchandise, you are helping the foundation to reach out to more people affected by HIV. With medication, it can cease the transmission of HIV from mother to baby. Together we can be the generation to #EndItForGood.

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Fun Fact About Blood πŸ’‰

Fun Fact: A recent study found blood pressure peaks on Mondays. Seems like a good reason to get yours checked whilst you save lives donating blood. Make an appointment today with Red Cross to help save lives. Call 13 14 95 or Google ‘Donate Blood’.

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More than 1 Million Donations!

Thanks to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service for publishing this statistic! Do you know that just last year, more than half a million of donors have made over 1 million donations, be it whole blood, platelets or plasma? As a donor, I feel so proud to be part of thisΒ number. On another note, it also signifies how much blood product Australia needs to keep a lot of patients going. Together we can increase this number in 2016. Get your friends and family to come down to the Australian Red Cross, roll up your sleeve and do the good thing.

For more information, visit the Australian Red Cross Blood Service website or call 13 14 95 to request for an appointment today.