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#HMBalmaination โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’ƒ

So excited to wake up to this news on a Monday morning! One of my favourite French designer house, Balmain is collaborating with H&M this year and I cannot wait to see Olivier Rousteing’s collection for the fashion house. For an exclusive interview between, Olivier Rousteing and Ann-Sofie Johansson, please click here.

H&M has just tweeted a teaser on its Twitter account. And now I wonder why couldn’t 5 November 2015 come sooner?

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Worst Case Ever in Kuching High

Believe it or not? Today I was napping sweetly away when I suddenly heard irksome ambulance and fire engines high-pitch sound. I was awakened when my handphone keeps on vibrating continuously. All the messages brought along the same message…


Chaotic situation & scenes during & after the fire

Oh my God! My heart just sank for that instance! All our memories in the junior science labs, chatting while the teachers’ teaching and lots more just vanished into thin air, leaving lots of things unsaid. Sigh. It was a huge lost. Junior Science Lab, Library, Staff Room and Administrative Block all went *poof* in just split seconds.

The fire was so hazardous and big. Reasons were still unknown.

Some said:
-due to electricity
-someone by all means put the fire on
-due to scouts activities

I really cant believe my eyes when I see all those pictures running in the Internet. My heart really sank! Plus my koperasi stuffs were all inside there and after calculation, our lost hit RM 20,000!!! Help me please!!!

I felt so sorry for Kuching High… a institution that I’ve been there safely for 4 years and it just turned suddenly into a jeopardy and unforgettable disastrous and monstrous nightmare in all Highians’ heart.


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Mathematics’ Standard

Back from SK225, my PMR examination centre.

ย  Sat for Mathematics Paper 1 and Paper 2 and also Histoy paper today. History was fine to me as I was able to answer almost all of the questions except for a few namely those KBKK questions.

ย  Burst into laughter when I saw both Mathematics questions. You will be so shocked and surprised yet happy as the Mathematics Paper 1 was like eating a piece of pie, easy as pie man! Standard Mathematics’ Standard has deteriote a lot. Standard Paper 1 should have questions lke quadratic expressions, trigonometry and so on. Haha. Today there weren’t even a single question on those topics. Haha. So sad! I expect this paper to be a challenging one yet it turned out to be an academic-level paper.

ย ย  Mathematics Paper 2, not even a single questions on fraction? Believe it or not! You will burst into laughters and tears! Too surprised to know how fast our nation’s mathematics’ standar has nosedived. Last year paper was still fine, at least it consisted some quite tough questions, this year was like totally different. Questions you expect that it will appear before your eye lens,ย they had vanished into the thin air. Sad news! Haha! Yet almost the first 45 candidates of SK225 were all over the moon and being drowned in the happiness’ heaven forever.

ย  See! Believe it our not! Mathematics’ standard nowadays has deteriote. You mightn’t believe it but once you see it, you sure will. However, PMR isn’t everything. SPM Modern Mathematics might not turn out to be a piece of sweet chocolate moose cake anymore. I skimmed through some of the Form 4 topics and it isn’t as easy as what you think. My dear friends, after you PMR, do not hesistate to buy some reference books on Form 4 Mathematics and start practising Mathematics exercises.

ย  All the best. Peace out.