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Nicholas Sparks: Two by Two

Last week when my favourite author Nicholas Sparks announced his new book title, I am already jumping around with joy. I cannot wait as Sparks brings his readers and fans on another emotional ride with his book. The latest book Two by Two is a story about a single father and his struggle of parenting. I can already imagine myself crying already as I read this page turner.

The book hits store 4 October 2016! #Excited

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Nicholas Sparks’ New Novel “See Me” ๐ŸŒน

It has been a while since Nicholas Sparks released a novel. The last one, The Longest Ride was published in 2013 and I still remembered I cried as I was reading the novel on the bus. It was so moving and the entire novel was simply beautiful. I was glad the film adaption starring Scott Eastwood did not disappoint too.

And finally after 2 years, Nicholas Sparks is releasing another novel. The new novel, See Me hits the store exactly 1 month from today! I cannot wait!! Find out more about the novel here.

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Book Review: The Monogram Murders

It has been a while since I picked up a good novel and thoroughly enjoyed a page turner. I was waiting at Perth Airport the other day and came across this novel featured on the shelf. Ever since Year 12, I have developed fondness in romantic novels, particularly those by Nicholas Sparks and the last time I read a book and thoroughly enjoyed it was in 2013 when I read The Longest Ride. I have to say The Monogram Murders is the first novel I picked up ever since.

Though titled as the Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot’s series, The Monogram Murders is written by Sophie Hannah and I must say she has written a piece of great work. I like how Hannah twisted and turned the plot, paying fine details to the case just like how Christie would describe her Poirot’s character. The novel has an interesting plot and it recounted how a maid who fell in love with her master turned against him. Many years later after the maid Jennie Hobbs left Great Holling, she had come out with the perfect scheme with now a renowned artist in London, Nancy Ducane who is from Great Holling to murder three people from Great Holling. It was a fresh interesting new plot and I would say Hannah has done justice and live up to the expectation.

Final thoughts: I’m glad I picked up the novel and I’m glad I spent my Sunday afternoon reading a page turner. In many sense, it reminds me how much I still love a good crime novels.

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Mother’s Day 2015 Gift Idea

Another year of Mother’s Day is around the corner again. Can you believe how fast time passes? It is always that time of the year we scratch our head to figure out what is the best present to give to our mum as a token of appreciation? Here is my 5 gift ideas to share with everyone.

#1: Balenciaga B Dot

Balenciaga latest perfume, B., has a green woody fragrance that is sophisticated, sensual and feminine at the same time. B. is available at Myer from AUD$100. I personally love this scent and I hope mothers out there would love this scent too. It is the perfect scent for mothers, whether they are out shopping, having high teas or even at work.

Price: $100 (30ml), $150 (50ml), $180 (75ml)

#2: Fitbit Watch

These days it is important for everyone to stay fit and healthy. Give your mother this Fitbit charge watch this Mother’s Day to encourage and motivate her to stay on tip top condition. After all mums are like superheroes, from taking care of everyone in the family to working, this Fitbit watch can help them to monitor and track daily steps taken, calories burned, distance walked etc. It will give them a sense of accomplishment after a long tiring day when mums take a break, not only have they finished running all the errands, they have their daily dose of exercises ticked off the list too. Fitbit charge comes in black colour and two sizes (small and large), available from Target.

Price: $169

#3: Country Road Scarf

With autumn and winter in full swing now, make sure your mum stays warm and stylish at the same time. This jersey knit scarf by Country Road not only is a piece of wardrobe staple for women, it is soft and comfortable to put on throughout the colder months.

Price: $59.95

#4: Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride

Treat your mum to a good book and to make things even better a beautiful love story. The King of Storytelling, Nicholas Sparks released The Longest Ride in 2013 and has been adapted into a movie in 2015. The movie premiered in April. I read and watched both the novel and the movie and I am in love with it. So this Mother’s Day, why not either buy your mum a copy of Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride from Dymocks or arrange a date with your mum to go to the cinema to watch The Longest Ride?

Price: $19.99 (paperback)

#5: Cรฉline Medium Luggage Phantom Handbag

If you have extra cash to splash, why not buy a Cรฉline classic to add on to your mum’s wardrobe or designer collection? The medium luggage phantom handbag in bright yellow colour is so Cรฉline and your mum would appreciate it. The handbag is so versatile. Mum can use it for both work and leisure. It is a bold fashion statement piece for mum who is always on the go, out and about and travelling.

Price: $3000

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The Wedding



โ€œYes, I decided, a man can truly change. The events of the past year have taught me much about myself, and a few universal truths. I learned, for instance, that while wounds can be inflicted easily upon those we love, it’s often much more difficult to heal them. Yet the process of healing those wounds provided the richest experience of my life, leading me to believe that while I’ve often overestimated what I could accomplish in a day, I had underestimated what I could do in a year. But most of all, I learned that it’s possible for two people to fall in love all over again, even when there’s been a lifetime of disappointment between them.โ€

Nicholas Sparks in The Wedding

Reading this paragraph from Nicholas Sparks’ novel, The Wedding reminds me of my parents. My parents fall in love at first sight and I honestly think I might not be able to live up to the standard they have set. They fall in love all over again, despite there has been a lifetime of disappointment between them. At the end of the day, my parents share a solid foundation, through ups and downs, they continue to sail on in life and I could not be more grateful for that.

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Mother’s Day 2014 Gift Ideas

Every second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day! It is again about the time of the year again to spoil our beloved mum again! It is also another reason to go shopping or go on a hunting quest to search for the perfect gift for mummy dearest. If you have not thought about what to get for your mum this coming Mother’s Day, I have listed four gift ideas that I think would be a good gift for mum.

#1: Facial Products


Living in 2014, most mums go out to work. I always look up to busy mums who manage to juggle between family and work! How impressive they are. My mum spent more than 20 years working in a bank and taking care of my sister and I. I have to say she has done an amazing and incredible job juggling between the two of them. So on Mother’s Day, spoil your mum with some facial products like mask, anti aging and a wide range of facial products.

I recommend Biotherm products. They do come in beautiful gift set which save you from wrapping troubles. This gift will be so handy and I am sure mum will love it. Biotherm products are available in Myer store.

#2: Cook Books

ย Karen Martini Cooking at Home

Whether she is a busy working, stay home or retired, I am sure mums love cook book. They enjoy flipping through cook books, drawing ideas and inspiration to cook for the next meal. I have tried some Karen Martini recipes before and I love them. So I thought I would recommend the book to you. Karen is one of the highly regarded chef in Australia. She is also a restauranteur and food writer based in Melbourne. She has also been the food editor for many magazines and newspaper includingย Sunday Age,ย Sun Herald and Better Homes and Gardens. She is also the guest judge on Australia’s hit reality tv programme My Kitchen Rules. So why not buy her Cooking at Home for your mum this Mother’s Day?

#3: Perfumes

Marni Rose

A mother goes everywhere and her day could start as early as 4 in the morning and finish very late. Whether she is going to the market to get fresh grocery for the family, going to work, having high tea catching up with her girlfriends, I personally think that a bottle of perfume will come in handy for all mothers! This is the latest perfume from the Italian fashion house, Marni called Marni Rose. The perfume comes in three different sizes: 30ml, 65ml and 120ml which makes carrying around for her so easy. Released in fall 2013, this perfume combines the aromas of cardamom, nana mint, raspberry, black current and bitter almond. An unusual combination but then this is what makes the fragrance stands out and so as your mum!

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Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

I am lost without you. I am soulless, a drifter without a home, a solitary bird in a flight to nowhere. I am all these things, and I am nothing at all. This, my darling, is my life without you. I long for you to show me how to live again.

Nicholas Sparks, Message in a Bottle

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The Stranger

How far would you go for a stranger, emotionally?

Alex had always loved a cold shower after a long exhausting day. He put on a red tee shirt and a pair of shorts after shower. After fifteen minutes, he waved goodbye to the security guard patrolling the community centre and walked back to his home. It was almost like a routine for Alex. He spent every Wednesdays and Fridays at the community hall, coaching the children and teenagers basketball games. During weekends, the energetic young bloke would catch up with his friends either going for barbecue in the park or driving out of the town to fish some fish. Apart from basketball, fishing is Alexโ€™s other favourite pastime. He always loved the quiet, peaceful and tranquil country life. He could sit under a tree and wait for a catch for the entire day. He often went fishing with his mates from high school. The joy of fishing to Alex was definitely some quiet and peaceful time for himself, drinking some beers with his mates and cooking the catch after the day. In fact, his life had not had much change ever since he graduated. It had always been all work on weekdays, basketball coaching on Wednesdays and Fridays afternoon, fishing with mates on Saturdays, going to the church on Sunday mornings and nap time during Sunday afternoons. Alex also had never pondered about a change in his routines as he was contented and satisfied with his current lifestyle.

Suddenly it started to pour on Alexโ€™s way home. โ€œOh man! Seriously of all the time now it decides to pour?โ€ he grumbled as he tried to reach his hoodie inside his backpack. The rain began to become even more torrential. The strong wind made it even more difficult for him to walk in the rain. Then off a sudden, a bright white thunder flashed in front of his eyes and at that very instant, he felt as if he was blinded by the thunder and the next thing he knew, he heard a tree fell and a loud crash sound followed.

Fortunately there were still some road lights that allowed Alex to look around his surroundings. He instantly caught sight of a car being crashed by the tree. He immediately ran across the street and found a young driver was trapped inside. She was conscious but in a complete state of shock. The lady left the window opened. It was only about 3 inches wide and Alex was trying very hard to reach for the locker. After a few minutes, he failed to unlock the door so he had decided to break the window from the other side. He found a brick by the roadside, grabbed it and smashed the car window and tried to help her out. In the dark, Alex tried to unbuckle her belt and that was when he realised that her forehead was bleeding. Panicked, he immediately evacuated her from the car and called the ambulance.

Having some basic knowledge of first aid, he checked for her heart impulse and breathing. She was still too shocked to speak and he tried to control her bleeding. Under pressure and he could not find anything but his own clothes, Alex took off his hoodie and pressed it firmly on her forehead to control the bleeding. It was a small town but then it was not that remote that the ambulance and the paramedics would take a long time to reach that. Nevertheless, Alex was never that impatient before. He kept on shouting at the young lady to ask her to stay strong and hold on while help was on the way. Under the dark, the young lady appeared to be a stranger as he had never seen her before. She had long brunette hair and wore a pink dress that went well with her white blazer. Shocked and scared, the victim had fainted and he was just in time to grab hold of her.

Feeling helpless and hopeless, all Alex could do then was to scream for help and pray the ambulance would arrive. It was pouring cats and dogs with loud thunderstorm making his coarse voice unheard.

โ€œHold on! Help is on its way,โ€ he yelled at her over and over again. Occasionally she opened her eyes but the eye lids fell after two or three seconds. Somehow, her green eyes that complemented her brunette hair captured his heart. For one split second, Alex thought that he had fallen in love with a stranger although she was bleeding and semiconscious in his arms. Deep inside his heart, he thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. However, he shook that off his mind and told himself he needs to save this stranger immediately.

Ten minutes later, the ambulance had arrived. The paramedics had helped her onto the stretcher and lifted her into the ambulance and also helped Alex into the ambulance. One of the paramedics handed Alex a towel for the others were trying to perform first aid to rescue her. Alex had never felt so anxious and scared in his life before. He looked at her and he did not realise he was grabbing her hand in his and said, โ€œHang on there! Youโ€™ll make it!โ€ And those magical words somehow made her compelled her eyes opened and in a weak voice she replied, โ€œI will.โ€ For the whole journey, Alex held her right hand firmly and never let it go. At that moment, he also did not feel like letting her hand off until they arrived at the hospital and the medical teams had to push her to the emergency room. He stared at her from a distance helplessly and a drop of tear fell off from his eye and hit the ground, for the first time.

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Nicholas Sparks Part 4

Life as usual when you move to this time of the year is the examination season. Everyone is constantly or at least more frequently working around the clock and definitely some burning the midnight oil, hoping to pass their upcoming examination with flying colours. Nevertheless, I am glad that I finally have the time and be here to share with you all about a Nicholas Sparks novel that I found truly inspiring and fascinating.

Perhaps you have already seen the movie before and shed your tears as the plot developed. Or perhaps you would have been fascinated by an inspiring and amazing author at how he captured your heart with his page turner. Or perhaps you would be one of the fortunate ones like me to enjoy this amazing literature that has shot Nicholas Sparks to fame. A novel and novel-based movie that can truly let you end up with a boxful of damp tissues…



So do you believe in love? And to what extent can love changes someone? And would you change for the better cause if you are truly inspired and motivated by your love one? And how can love reduces the friction between two families with great rivalry since sometimes? As you read this page-turner, you will fall immensely in love with how Nicholas Sparks develops the novel. And the film is an amazing one. Many people who watched it lauded and complimented Shane West and Mandy Moore.

Love is like the wind. I cant see it but I can feel it.

Nicholas Sparks

And here is a picture I have found from Google. It seems like fans have made this background dedicated for the novel-based film. I watched it and it is considered as a movie worth watching more than once.

If you are thinking of pampering yourself after the exam, A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks is a novel I sincerely recommend it to you. After all what you reckon when high schools in the States are using A Walk To Remember as one of the studied novel? Let us spread the message of love to every corner of the world. Let us put our hands together and create a better world not only for you and me but also for our future generation.

Last but not least, to all students facing examinations, best of wishes to you guys and may you guys pass your examinations with flying colours. Till then, and lots more to updates as life flows like the river.

And so, life marches on as usual.

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