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Reflection: A Moment of Silence in the Sky

Moment to myself to reflect!

There is something very emotional or at least thought provoking as you watch the last ray of sunlight gradually gives way to darkness. From the comfort of my seat approximately thousands feet above ground, I watch the beautiful shades of red and orange slowly fade into darkness, as the day comes to an end. Sometimes I wonder if it is a blessing or a curse being disconnected from the rest of the world when I am on a plane. It is a curse for someone like me who spend most of my time glued to my MacBook, iPad or iPhone with Internet connectivity where information is endless and social media notifications keep me occupied. It is a blessing in a disguise, in some way, it gives me the moment to reflect upon life in general and perhaps an opportunity for some technology detox. My work surrounds digital marketing and social media where Internet is parts and parcel of my life. My life depends greatly on the Internet. The Internet to me in some way is like water to fish.

Flight from Brisbane to Perth takes approximately over five hours. It could be torture for someone like me. After a whirlwind trip with The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to attend a conference in Brisbane, I pack not only my luggage with me but also a wide range of emotions to process. Perhaps this five-hour flight is just the thing that I need – to unpack and process these emotions before I am ready to start my Monday after an eventful weekend.

It has been my third conference with the Institution but with every conference I walk away with bags of emotions. This conference has fuelled me with enthusiasm and motivation. Having seated in a room filled with like-minded driven individuals for two days, it has given me the motivation to march forward. Like-minded passionate individuals have always been able to give me an adrenaline rush to get back home and share with others what I learn. I am beyond eager to share with my mates all the great things that are happening across the Australia New Zealand region. I feel so happy to be in these conferences, having reunited with familiar faces. One of the highlights of all these travels is to reconnect with familiar faces and to forge new bond. I am forever grateful of the opportunity the IET has provided me with. It broadens my network and social circle. Having friends from all around this region is such a cool thing, don’t you reckon? It is always great to catch up with old mates and to see what everyone is up to.

Brisbane is a city where I have not been before. I live for the quote “Make an effort to travel to a place that you have never been before once a year.” Across social medias, we see people showing off their travel snaps and stories. It is only human nature to feel slightly jealous and the urge to hop on the popular culture bandwagon to fit in the norm. However, are we that desperate to hop onto that bandwagon that we lose our rationale? This could be another topic of discussion some other day. What I wanted to say is that I feel extremely privileged to be flown to places I have never been before and the deal becomes sweeter when it is an all-expenses paid trip. Of course I have done a lot of work prior to this conference but I still feel extremely privileged. I reflect upon all the opportunities that I have. Firstly I am forever indebted to my parents who worked hard, saved every single penny to move our family to Australia. Australians take pride in the value of fair go for all regardless of who you are. If you ask me 10 years ago, do I see myself as a migrant in a Western country who adapts well and functions in the country, and has all these wonderful travel opportunities? I will call that out as a joke. Without my parents’ support I will never get to where I am today. My parents have first given me the good head start and the rest undeniably is through diligent work and perseverance. This ties back to what my dear grandmother has taught me growing up. Hard work and perseverance bring you far. My grandmother was the most hardworking individual I have ever known. She saw through hardships and odds such as World War 2, economy destabilisation and much more. In many ways that has shaped me to put in effort and above all, to be grateful of everything that I have today.

Today as I take the last glimpse of the breathtaking Brisbane city skyline, emerging skyscrapers along Brisbane river, I feel sad to leave this beautiful city. On the first day of arrival, I leisurely strolled along South Bank and in many ways it does have a vibe similar to that of Perth. People jogging along the river foreshore, tourists with their cameras or iPhones snapping the picturesque views and cool breeze with warm sunshine, these ingredients make the perfect love potion for people to fall in love with the city. I took my time to take in all the views and snapped photos for my Instagram. I had not explore the city in great depth as I believe Brisbane still have a lot to offer. However I know I am here for work so I am contented that I have the chance to walk around the central business district and South Bank area. Brisbane has definitely its own charm and it is a city I would visit over and over again.

They say travel can change one’s perspective. I could not agree more. This business trip has not only given me the privilege to visit a place I have never been before, it taught me a lot of things which makes me feel that in many way I am very lucky and sheltered. It gives me the urge to step up and grow. It has also let me grow closer to these people whom I feel extremely lucky to call friends. The experience which we share together is forever irreplaceable and it would not be something easily forgotten. It is a shame that my trip to Brisbane is such a short one but I decided against the idea to extend my stay in Brisbane. I recalled the last time in Sydney, having to return to the same hotel where we had eventful days and nights together, suddenly the hotel seemed so empty after everyone left. I loathe the feeling of emptiness from within. This time I decided to avoid the feeling by heading home the same time as most people. Whilst it is always sad when a trip comes to an end, I would much rather be home soon in the comfort of my own bed. Home, it is forever irreplaceable and now as an adult, I finally understand the saying home is where the heart is. I gladly say that I cannot wait to be home.

As I lift my head and look outside the window, darkness has completely engulfed the light. Whilst to many this is just another flight transporting passengers safely from one city to another it signifies more to me. For one, I am filled with sense of gratefulness. I feel so motivated and recharged, ready for new challenges ahead. Another thing is I realised that I am flying home – yes even though it has been nearly a decade, sometimes it is still surreal to think about that I have called Perth my home.

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Lest We Forget.

25 April is a day we remind ourselves of the sacrifice past and present soldiers have made to make our soil safe and sound. ANZAC Day is a day which brings all Australians together to reflect upon what we have today and learn to be grateful to both men and women who serviced or servicing our country. These valorous men and women work day and night, regardless of public holidays or festive seasons to keep us safe, be it in Australia or overseas.

This year on ANZAC Day let us reflect upon the ongoing chaos and terrorism around Australia. With each inhumane terrorist attack, we ought not to point our fingers at certain groups of Australians. We should stay strong together as a nation and rise above. Looking ahead with major changes to immigration in Australia, we as an everyday John Doe should do what we can do – educate ourselves and learn more about others and the differences in our lives.

Today as we play The Last Post during the dawn service, let us offer a moment of silence for the past fallen diggers who has fought courageously for our countries. May the family members and generations to come continue to feel proud of their courageous spirit. May them have the might and courage to move on from the tragedy that strikes them. May we all continue to offer all our mates one of the best outstanding values of being an Australian – the value of mateship.

Lest We Forget.

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Happy Australia Day!


I would like to start by first recognising and paying respect to the past, present and future leaders of the Aboriginal community and the Aboriginal people will and forever remain as the spiritual custodian of our beautiful land of Australia.

26 January marks an important day in the nation’s history. It is the day our nation comes together to celebrate the formation of this great nation. Over the years we have shaped our own unique cultures. On Australia Day, we gather together with family and mates. We turn on the barbie and have sausage sizzlers, share a beer or two and enjoy a restful day at the beach. We are one lucky nation, blessed with abundant of beautiful pristine beaches and coastlines like no others in the world. We are one lucky nation, blessed with some of the best people in the world. We can sit together with different people of various cultural backgrounds and bond over beers, sausages and meat pies with tomato sauce (because we can). This nation has so much to celebrate and to laud.

I am so proud to call Australia my home now. I believe as we step into the new year, there are still so many things we need to achieve together. Today I reaffirm my stand in education equality. We need to continue to fight against cuts towards schools and research institutes. We need a government that will continue to fund schools and universities. We need to continue to close the gap between metropolitan and country students. We need to inspire students from all walks of life – that education is essential and that education will help anyone to change their life and break away from poverty cycle. We still have a lot of work to do, to raise the numeracy and literacy skills among young Australians. We still need to work hard to encourage and help more students to further their education. The list goes on and on. Education equality is an important agenda we should not neglect.

Today, I am still proud to celebrate Australia Day and my country.

Today, I am proud of our multicultural and harmonious society.

Tomorrow, we have more work to do to better our country.

Tomorrow, we will make our country better for our future generations.

Happy Australia Day 2017!

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Going Gluten Free in 2017

Happy New Year 2017 again. We often make new year resolutions in January. We think about all the changes we want to make for the new year. One of my resolutions this year is to continue my gluten free diet entering 2017.

In case you do not know, I have been gluten free since December last year. Inspired by Kourtney Kardashian, I thought you only live once so we might as well try our best to live the best life possible. Instead of replacing bread and pasta with gluten free bread and pasta, I have eliminated bread and pasta from diet completely. I do not believe in gluten free bread and pasta. Research shows that the manufacturing process to produce gluten free bread and pasta uses a lot of substitute such as sugar which is not beneficial to us. If I do crave for Italian, I will go for gnocchi which is naturally gluten free. Hence, I decide to replace them with naturally gluten free food such as brown rice and couscous.

Going gluten free makes me more selective of what I put into my body. In a way it does limit my choice but it has also helped me to avoid all the carbs such as bread and pasta. I am still able to enjoy a filling meal, say a steak with side salads and mashed potatoes. In fact I still do indulge in bad carbs occasionally but by being gluten free, it prevents you from having that much choice of bad carbs.

Whenever I go out for dinner or go on holiday, I will be very selective with what I eat. For example, I will swap a sandwich at the airport with an apple instead. Of course when I am on holiday, I will let loose and indulge in the food but I know when I come back from my holiday, I will go straight back to my gluten free diet. I do not want to be the fussy one on vacation but I will also try to reduce the amount of gluten I put into my body.

Whatever diet you wish to start in 2017, do some research and commit to it. Remember you are allowed to cheat once in a while to reward yourself. I cannot wait to share with you all more gluten free recipes and more information about going gluten free.

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Reflection: A Week in Broome


I was very fortunate to be selected as one of the students to be flown to Broome by my university. During this sponsored trip, I have been tasked to promote tertiary education to the students from the Kimberley region. This is my first trip ever to Broome and I was beyond excited when I knew I was selected to go on this trip. This trip has been an eye opener to me and sitting in front of a computer screen now, I would love to pen my thoughts and reflection about the past week in Broome.

Reflecting upon the people that I have come across during the week has made me realised how fortunate I am to be living in the metropolitan area. I feel so fortunate and lucky to have access to better education and infrastructure such as faster internet. I believe fundamentally in education equality and upon returning, I feel like my work does not stop there. This trip has helped me realise how important it is for us to continue to fight to close the education inequality gap. There are so much work that still need to be done to help these young Australians to achieve their full potential and pursue their dream. In particular, I have come across this young brilliant Aboriginal boy who is gifted with this wonderful intelligence and I wish he has been given the opportunity to access to better education. I believe with his knowledge and intelligence, he is one young Australian waiting to shine if he is given the opportunity.

During the week, I spoke with parents, teachers and the Broome community. Their stories have touched me in so many ways and in particular, I met this wonderful young Year 12 student who has a huge potential and bright future ahead of him. He dreams of attending university but his greatest obstacle is relocating from Kununurra to Perth. I knew straight up that I wanted to help this boy because again, I believe that tertiary education should not be a privilege for some, rather it should be accessible to all Australians no matter where you come from. This has further reassured me that we need more funds to help students from rural areas to relocate. We need moral support too for these students to help them pursue their dreams. Above all, we need a government that funds education because education fundamentally is an important and powerful tool to empower our youths. We should never ever back down from funding education. We continuously need bright minds to help our country to advance forward.

The teachers up in the Kimberley region are doing an absolutely noble job. I laud them for what they have been and are doing. Many teachers whom I have crossed path with are originally from Perth. They have been relocated to Broome and other regional areas. Most of these teachers have never looked back since. Growing up in city or pretty much being a city boy my entire life, I have never ever had such fond and respect for teachers until I was up in Broome. These teachers have sacrificed everything in Perth, be it the convenience or the least extreme summer days, to be in the Kimberley region to spread knowledge. Some teachers have been up in Broome for more than two decades and have called Broome their home.  On top of that, most teachers have become a mentor and a friend to many of these students. Everyday they inspire these school children to chase their dreams and pursue better education. No word can describe how much respect I have for these teachers.


Broome is truly a melting pot of different cultures. Broome is home to many Aboriginal Australian, Caucasian, Chinese, Malay and Philippines etc. Everyone from all walks of life live together as one and you can truly feel what a multicultural society is. The kids play sports, participate in class activities and hang out together no matter what their skin colour is. The teachers show equal love and respect to the students and the students reciprocate the same in return. A week in Broome has allowed me to immerse myself in a town full of positive energy and vibe. Everyone is not rushing through a chaotic life like back home. Everyone knows their neighbour. Even as I walked through the shops, I met strangers whom yet warmly greeted you “Good Day” with a smile. I felt like as if I had gone back in time when things were simpler and less complicated. As I looked back, I understand why many decides to return to their hometown or decides to call Broome their home.

The simplest joy in life is perhaps enjoying good food, surrounded by people whom you love. During my stay in Broome, I am invited to a dinner at one of the Aboriginal students’ home. Tian’s parents have cooked up a storm for us, serving us the best of Broome. Never ever I have savoured such fine fresh prawns. I decided that to do things the local way. I stood by a rubbish bin, peeling off the prawns’ shell and enjoying every single bite. I learned that the local will find it offensive if we do not help ourselves to second round of food and boy I have no trouble with that. Seafood up in Broome is so fresh and delicious. The crabs that Tian’s parents have caught were huge and the flesh tasted so delicious. I was on cloud nine when we were served smoked oysters and smoked red snapper (which is gigantic!). The local seafood was so fresh and cooked to perfection. I adore the warm hospitality that Tian and her family has shown for us. Perhaps it was the best and unforgettable night out of all evenings as we gathered at the backyard, savouring fresh produce from the region.  I can never forget the joy from the delicious seafood and neither can I forget the warm hospitality from the family. It was all beyond my wildest dream and as I recounted the evening, part of me wish to hop on a plane back to Broome now to savour these delicious seafood once again.

Like all things, everything has to come to an end. As I boarded my plane back to Perth, I knew in many ways my trip to Broome has changed me. I adore the warm hospitality of the locals, the positive vibes around the community and above all, I reaffirm my personal stand on education equality. Even the trip has come to an end, I know these lifetime memories and friendship will stay with me forever. Travel, I believe too, is one of the best life experiences one can ever have. I still remember a t-shirt that I once bought that resonates Dalai Lama’s saying “Go at least once a year to a place you’ve never been before.” Travel is not only just about seeing new places, it is about experiencing new cultures and experiences and above all, learning to see life in a whole new perspective.

This trip is sponsored by the University of Western Australia and supported by Aspire UWA, School of Indigenous Studies and SciTech WA.

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Education Equality. It Matters.

Education always has a special place in my heart. Not only I believe it is essential for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, I believe it should always remain as a right for all and not a privilege for the lucky ones. Growing up, I have always listened to my grandmother’s childhood story. I still cry a little everytime I bring up her story, my grandmother is forced to drop out from school at the tender age of 9. Why? First, she is a female. Second, she has to become a rubber tapper, go to a rubber estate every morning to work.

The first reason has made me so mad because I can never imagine a world where female is denied education. There is absolutely no acceptable excuse to deny a girl from going to school and it disgusts me just as much. The second reason has solidified my firm belief that education should forever remain as a right for all and not a privilege. I strongly disagree that only children from well-to-do background deserve education. All children should have the opportunity and access to education because fundamentally, education will help a child to discover his/her true potential. It is truly with education that we can help each and every child to realise their true potential, chase after their goals and realise the dream.

Education inequality is still a pressing issue around the world. Whilst I am happy that in both Kuching and Perth all female students share the same opportunity as male students when it comes to schooling opportunity, I still believe that there are work to be done to close the gap. Many schools, in particular rural area schools and under-represented schools even in metropolitan areas do not have access to certain facilities. For example, many rural areas in both Sarawak and Western Australia still do not have access to fast and reliable internet such as 4G LTE and fibre network. This is just one of the many obstacles that rural areas students and teachers encountered. Thus, I firmly believe there are so many work that still need to be done to push for better education facilities for students across the two states that I hold dearly.

It does not matter where you are in the world, the next time when you have to vote for your government, please consider a party that truly emphasises on education equality. I say this because I know there are still many parts in the world where the education inequality gap still exists. Many children across the world still lack access to education and this is an absolutely unfair and unjust phenomenon. Education is the key to help these children to unlock more doors of opportunities. With more opportunities and better job, we can help them to break away from the poverty cycle that many generations before them might be trapped in. As human, I believe fundamentally we should strive to leave the world a better place than we found it. Education is such a powerful tool that we can utilise to help create a better tomorrow. It is time for us all to step up and work to close this gap. Together, we need and we will strive for education equality for all children around the globe.

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1000th Post – Looking Back and Ahead

I cannot believe this is the 1000th post on my lifestyle page. I began Fabulous Red around 2006-2007 and I must say I have come a long way before hitting my 1000th post. My lifestyle page has evolved as I grow up and you can tell with the content that I have written and curated for my page.

Reflecting over the past decade, my lifestyle page has been with me through ups and downs. In my adolescence years, it has become a channel for me to express my thoughts. I still remembered being a teenager, like any other teenager I said whatever that was on my mind and literally #NoFilter. I expressed all my emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment, love etc 😄😔😡😤😍. If I dug these posts out, I may laughed, I may felt embarrassed. But above all I think, I live. I live my life as a teenager which in many ways I shall never be able to live through it again.

Love ❤️ changes someone in one way or another. I started to write poems towards the end of secondary school. I still remember there was once by rare chance I picked up a novel by Nicholas Sparks in high school. The Notebook was the very first novel I have ever read and it many ways it affected me a lot. I started to write short stories on love. Some day I wish I can pick up the pen (or rather the keyboard these days) and find the inspiration to write again. I enjoy inventing characters in my mind and penning stories. For that, I dream of a country getaway where I have a serene view of the lake, river or ocean from the balcony where I can draw inspiration to create stories again 📝.

Life continues sailing ⛵️. I continue to document my life for I want to be able to remember the important happenings in life. In 2012, I started reading the Kardashians sisters’ websites and that have in many way changed the way I curate information for my blog. Fast forwarding to 2016, I subscribed to Kourtney Kardashian’s app and that has further helped me reinvent my lifestyle page.

Looking ahead, I start to become clearer what I want to do with Fabulous Red. I share the following things that matter to me:

  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Philanthropy
  • Social Media

Fashion – I have started to develop a huge passion for fashion. Looking ahead, I want to focus on men’s fashion and occasionally women’s fashion. My focus is to look into both lifestyle brands affordable to most people (Armani Exchange, Banana Republic, H&M etc.) and also luxury brands (Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Fendi, Louis Vuitton etc.)

Fitness – I want to curate information specifically for running. Ever since I discover running, I have so much passion for it and I will continue to share and curate information for people interested in running, whether you are starting or you are on top of the game.

Food – I love everything coconut and I constantly look for recipes related to coconut. Be it coconut water or coconut oil, I love sharing recipes with my readers. I am also focusing on different types of diet particularly gluten free diet.

Philanthropy – Australian Red Cross Blood Service, RED and education equality. These 3 organisations and philanthropy are and will always be what I believe and support.

Social Media – I love sharing with my audience what I am up to across all my social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

It has been a decade since I started Fabulous Red. I look forward to the next 10 years with my lifestyle page and more than eager to find out what it will be like in 10 years time. Thank you to all my readers who have read or been reading my page all these years. Thank you for making Fabulous Red what it is today ❤️.

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Food Fact: Gluten Free Diet

In recent years, there has been a huge trend especially in Hollywood that going on a gluten free diet is good for you and aids weight loss. I have been searching for good articles that prove the statement somewhat untrue and finally found this good article from Jamie Oliver. Read it to find out more.
What is Gluten?
Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and sometimes oats. It’s perfectly natural, but people with coeliac disease, gluten intolerance, or the much less-common skin condition, dermatitis herpetiformis, can have nasty reactions if they eat it.
Why Gluten Free Diet?
With coeliac disease, the body’s immune system reacts to consuming gluten by damaging the lining of the small intestine, which interferes with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Gluten intolerant or sensitive people experience negative reactions to gluten, but do not actually have coeliac disease. To add to the confusion, you can also have a wheat allergy, which is an aversion to wheat itself, so a gluten-free product may not necessarily be OK for those with a wheat allergy. With so many different causes, conditions and symptoms, diagnosis is extremely hard, and there is a lot of misinformation about gluten.
Reason It “Helps” With Weight Loss
If you don’t have one of the above conditions, removing gluten from your diet has no direct effect on your health at all. The low-carb and high-protein diet phenomenon is the main reason, I believe, many people choose to go gluten-free. Gluten is the protein found in many of our main sources of starchy carbohydrates, such as bread and pasta. By going gluten-free, you are limiting your sources of carbohydrates, a method many in fact use to aid weight loss.
Those choosing to avoid gluten will likely avoid these types of products, but a gluten-free equivalent cake or biscuit, with nothing different other than the removal of gluten, will be no healthier than their gluten-containing equivalents. Sometimes gluten-free products can even be higher in fat, sugar and salt to improve their flavour or texture. Not only that, but by excluding whole groups of foods, you are putting yourself at risk of lowering intakes of certain vitamins and minerals.
Final Verdict
So, whilst this surge in popularity is amazing for those with dietary requirements and absolutely something to be celebrated, the rules for staying healthy are the same whether you are going gluten-free or not. There are plenty of naturally gluten-free carbohydrates to choose from – rice, potatoes, quinoa and millet, as well as a gluten-free flours and pastas. Ultimately, unless you suffer from coeliac disease, dermatisis herpetiformis, gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity, then there’s really no benefit to choosing gluten-free products.
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Today as a nation we reflect upon the courageous men and women who have fought or fighting for our nation. ANZAC Day is an important day in Australia as it marks the first major military action fought by Australia and New Zealand forces during the first world war. Growing up I learned about the history of ANZAC in school and I am touched by the heroic actions of young Australians who fought for the country courageously. Their courage, valour and most important value of all, mateship is something Australians today and tomorrow need to learn and cherish. We pride our value of mateship as Australians and it is a value I want all future Australians to be able to carry with them. It is what define us as a nation and I am forever proud of our mateship value. It is what define us as an Australian and what makes our country a great nation.

Today whilst many Australians will gather together during Dawn Service to pay their respect to fallen diggers in the past, let us keep our men and women who are spending the day overseas in warzones in our thoughts. Because of these brave Australians, we are fortunate to stand on our soil today safe and sound. Because of these courageous Australians, we help to make the world a safer and more peaceful place.

Today as we gather together to pay respect to the dead, as Australians we should remind ourselves to promote peace and preserve harmony in our multicultural society. Do not be steer by radical thoughts and ideologies. We fight and strive hard to achieve what we have today and it is crucial for each and everyone of us to continue this effort.

Thank you to past soldiers who fought fearlessly for the nation. Thank you to soldiers fighting for us today and tomorrow. Thank you all and all for making our country one of the best nations in the world.

Lest We Forget.


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Because It Matters

As an individual and as human being, I believe we should leave the planet at a better place than how we found it. Across the world, I laud everyone with their individual philanthropy and preferred charity organisations. I thought I should give an update to everyone about my philanthropy on my page. I have not been posting much about causes that I support but I want everyone to know that this does not mean my support has ceased. It matters to me because I hope one day my children will not only look up to me as only a father but also an individual that wants to make positive impact to the world that we live in.

On a global scale, I am a supporter for the non-for-profit organisation (RED). (RED) partners with companies to sell merchandise of special edition and profit from the sales of these merchandises will go to the organisation. The profit will be used to fight HIV and AIDS. Medical breakthrough has turned what seemed to be impossible at one point a reality today. HIV-positive mothers have successfully given birth to HIV-negative children by taking prescribed medicine everyday. This is what (RED) is doing, trying to distribute as much medicine as possible to these mothers and hopefully we could produce an AIDS-free generation. The vast majority of victims is from the Africa continent where hygiene level is at a minimum level and government support is not as strong as we hope. I support this cause because I want to be part of the generation that put an end to HIV. In many way, I want these kids to have a better health care and opportunity growing up.

I am also a regular blood and plasma donor at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. In 2004, my maternal grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and she had been through multiple chemotherapy sessions. Part of the session is the need of blood to help keep her going. She had been battling cancer for 5 years before she finally succumbed to her illness. Throughout the years, my family and I are deeply grateful of many anonymous heroes who selflessly roll up their sleeves and give the gift of life. A gift that has kept my grandmother going and a gift which allowed us to celebrate more birthdays together. Today, as I reflect upon the generosity of these heroes, I decided to overcome of my fear of syringes and sign up to become a regular plasma donor. I decide to donate plasma as Australia is in need of B+ group plasma and I am glad I could give the gift of life to those who need it out there.

I believe whilst there are many causes and philanthropies out there, these two organisations matter to me a lot and I will always continue to support them. If everyone could come in and contribute, I believe we can all make a difference to the world that we live in. We can all put a smile on million faces.

Last but not least, thank you for reading my thoughts. I hope you will support these organisations too or you are inspired to find a charity that you will support. Make the world a better place than we found it, because it really matters.