Health Benefits of Blood Donation

You’re not just saving lives!

I came across this really cool article that lists the surprising health benefits of blood donation.

  1. Free health check up. This can help you to uncover any potential health problems that you might not be aware of.
  2. Reduce harmful iron stores. Hemochromatosis is a disease that causes an iron overload and is labeled as the most common genetic disease among Caucasians.
  3. Reduce risk of heart disease. Regular blood donations help to keep the levels of iron in the body in check, especially in males. This has shown to reduce heart disease.
  4. Burn calories. One time blood donation helps you shed 650 Kcal. This can aid you in your body weight control measure.
  5. Reduce risk of cancer. Excess iron has also been associated with an increased risk of cancer. Hence, theoretically donating blood frequently can help lower risk of cancer.

To find out more how you can donate blood, plasma and platelets in Australia, please call the Red Cross Blood Service at 13 14 95 or visit their website.


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