Lest We Forget.

25 April is a day we remind ourselves of the sacrifice past and present soldiers have made to make our soil safe and sound. ANZAC Day is a day which brings all Australians together to reflect upon what we have today and learn to be grateful to both men and women who serviced or servicing our country. These valorous men and women work day and night, regardless of public holidays or festive seasons to keep us safe, be it in Australia or overseas.

This year on ANZAC Day let us reflect upon the ongoing chaos and terrorism around Australia. With each inhumane terrorist attack, we ought not to point our fingers at certain groups of Australians. We should stay strong together as a nation and rise above. Looking ahead with major changes to immigration in Australia, we as an everyday John Doe should do what we can do – educate ourselves and learn more about others and the differences in our lives.

Today as we play The Last Post during the dawn service, let us offer a moment of silence for the past fallen diggers who has fought courageously for our countries. May the family members and generations to come continue to feel proud of their courageous spirit. May them have the might and courage to move on from the tragedy that strikes them. May we all continue to offer all our mates one of the best outstanding values of being an Australian – the value of mateship.

Lest We Forget.


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