Fitness Friday: Running and Knees

The popular belief may not be true

Adapted from WAToday.

Knee injuries are common across runners. In fact 79% of runners are injured in a given year. This leads to a popular belief that running is bad for our knees. However, a new study suggests otherwise. Running reduces inflammation markers and keeps the joints lubricated.

Here are what researchers and experts have to say about running and knees:

Bringham University Research

Regular exercise protects against degenerative joint disorders, yet the mechanisms that underlie these benefits are poorly understood.

Prof. Robert Hyldahl

A moderate amount of running is “not likely to harm healthy knees and probably offer protection”.

Dr Dominic Thewlis, University of South Australia

Based upon some of the other research [as well as this study] it shows running is not going to cause the damage as we may have once thought.

I believe the key message here is that run in moderation. Do not go full on running like a 10km every day. When there are days you need to literally take a step back, do so and give your body the chance to rest and recover.


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