Workout Wednesday: 5 Not To Do Before Running

Avoid these before you run!

#1: Avoid static stretching. Static stretching before a run lead to slower starts and a greater perceived effort. A dynamic warmup refers to moving your muscles through a wide range of motion that simulates the running movement.

#2: Avoid a big meal before run. The digestive process slows down while we run and is unable to operate as usual because the normal blood flow to our gastro-intestinal (GI) system is diverted during exercise.

#3: Avoid over or under-hydrating. Sipping water throughout the day is best to stay hydrated without overdoing it. Avoiding caffeinated or energy drinks may be in your best interest, too, because caffeine can give you an elevated heart rate. Drinks containing too much sugar can spike blood sugar levels, which may give you a temporary surge of energy that is followed by a big crash when levels plummet.

#4: Not using the bathroom. This is quite a trivial one but you don’t want emergency to interrupt your run. Stop drinking fluids about 30 minutes before your run and always make one last bathroom stop before heading out.

#5: Not listening to your body. Learn to listen to your body. If you are feeling achy or tired, take a day off.


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