Fitness Friday: Beating the Heat

This article is adapted from Runners World Australia and New Zealand.

Conquering dehydration, fatigue & sunburn

In a truly Aussie fashion, many parts of the country could reach soaring temperatures of beyond 40 degree Celsius. With hot days ahead of us for the next four weeks, how can we continue to train outdoors while beating the heat?

#1: Keep run shorts. For example, if you usually run 10km a week, why not break it down into shorter run, say 2-3km each run instead of one 10km run? By reducing the distance, you do not have to carry a water bottle around. Just make sure you have chilled coconut water waiting for you in the fridge!

#2: Cold showers. Take a cold shower after each run. Cold shower will help to cool your body down quickly and help you get ready for work minus the smelly sweat.

#3: Lightweight clothing. Put on lightweight clothing when you go for run. If you wear cotton t-shirt, chances is that after a few kilometres the cotton will absorb all your sweat and it will slow you down as you will be carrying the extra weight.


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