Staying Sun Smart

This article has been adapted from Vogue Australia January 2016.


Whilst we are blessed with abundant of sunshine here in Australia, Cancer Council Australia reports 95 to 99 per cent of skin cancers in Australia are caused by exposured to the sun. Therefore it is always wise to stay sun smart. Here are some quick fun facts for you to know.

#1: The sun is strongest between 10am and 2pm, the UV radiation can be high even when there is cloud cover and a chill in the air

#2: Invest in UPF (ultravoilet protection factor) swimwear that mitigates how much UV reaches your skin.

#3: SPF-laden beauty products – BB creams, foundations and moisturisers. Use them!

#4: Perfume can lead to the skin becoming more sensitive to the effects of UV light. Spritz your perfume into freshly washed hair or spray it into the air then glide through it.

#5: Sunscreen. There are two types of sunscreen. Physical sunscreens create a barrier that deflects sun rays and usually contain titanium oxide or zinc oxide. Chemical sunscreens absorb UV light. Find products that use both technologies for maximum protection.


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