Travel Tuesday: Beach Holidays in WA

Why travel elsewhere when we have the most beautiful, pristine beach right here in Perth and or Western Australia? We still have 6 weeks left and I have found some really beautiful beaches and/or resorts for your next beach holiday here in Western Australia. Whether you plan to set up a camp, drive a caravan or simply check in a resort, here’s something for everyone.



Floreat Beach. Floreat, WA. There is something about this beach that makes me fall in love the first time I’ve been here. Whether you are up for some good swim or to watch the sun sets as time passes by, Floreat Beach is my favourite beach because it is less crowded than the popular beaches here in Perth like Cottlesloe Beach and City Beach.

Campers, Caravan & Resort


Cable Beach. Broome, WA. Whether you want to camp or rent a caravan spot from Cable Beach Caravan Park or check in at one of the many resorts along Broome’s iconic cable beach, there is something for everyone. You have not really seen what WA truly has to offer until you have been to Broome.


Shark Bay. Monkey Mia, WA. Visit RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort for an extraordinary summer beach holiday. Whether you are planning a family holiday, romantic getaway or a leisure getaway, Monkey Mia is a spot you definitely would not regret going to.

Campers, Caravan & Resort

Preston Beach. Preston Beach, WA. If you fancy something south and not too far away from home, Preston Beach is your go to destination for beach holiday. It accommodates campers and have caravan parks and resorts around. Plenty of houses available for rent on Airbnb as well.


Yallingup Beach. Yallingup, WA. Fancy some privacy, peace and quiet? The Frances Estate can not only offer you a private estate with the majestic seaview, it also offers you the peace and quiet that you need to help you relax and distress.

Personally I think Perth & WA has more to offer than what has been listed. What are your favourite beach holidays? Leave your comment below. I love to hear from you all.


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