Workout Wednesday: Finding Your Spark

We are all talking about making resolutions this week since it is the new year. Thanks to Runner’s World, here are some suggested goals for different people to set for 2017:

You Love Going Long

Goal: To race further. Even this means running 8km instead of the usual 5km, this requires training your stamina. I usually run 4 to 5km and this year I definitely want to try to go up to 6 to 7km.

You Love The Burn of Tempo Race

Goal: To run a fast 10km. Tempo run means including at least 20 minutes of running at a comfortably hard pace and it is definitely appealing to people who loves to push themselves. Tempo workouts raise your fatigue threshold – letting you run faster, over longer distances, without tiring.

You Love To Climb

Goal: A trail run. It is a no-brainer that running on steep slope will push you to work harder. Perth in particular has a lot of hilly trails so if you want to challenge yourself, get onto it this year. I have been to Hobart and I must say Hobart is very hilly and a good spot for anyone who loves to climb.

You Love To Run (And Hike, And Bike And…)

Goal: An obstacle race or triathlon. When runners challenge their bodies in different ways, they unlock heaps of childlike fun – and build total body strength.

You Love Running With Other People

Goal: A full datebook. Join your local run club each week is the way to start. Chatty runs are helpful to develop base aerobic fitness. This is something worth trying because since Sarah moved to Melbourne, I need to find someone whom I can train running and chatting. It isn’t an easy task.

You Love Just Running

Goal: To run healthy. Aim for at least 90 minutes per week of running at your happy pace. To stay injury-free, do two weekly 15-minute strength-training sessions. Target core muscles such as core, lower leg and glute.


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