Fitness Friday: Tips for Holiday

This article is originally published by Runtastic.

#1: Keep moving as much as possible. Don’t sit at your desk for longer than one hour before getting up and grabbing a glass of water or doing some quick stretches.

#2: Quick workouts. Grab a quick workout for 15-20 minutes. This is better than doing nothing at all.

#3: Stay hydrated. Sometimes we feel hungry when really our body is just thirsty. Just when you think you want to reach for that extra snack, have a glass of water instead.

#4: Go for intense training before big feast. After an intense session at the gym, the consolation of all the extra calories is that they are actually going towards a good cause: muscle repair and recovery.

#5: Satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy treat. For example you can try some of these gluten free, dairy free and vegan coconut bites or these coconut bars which are gluten free, dairy free and vegan as well.


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