Workout Wednesday: Challenge Yourself

I was driving to the gym the other day and I knew I was going in at prime time where many machines will be used by other gym goers. As I was driving to the gym I came out with this workout plan and boy it was a challenge! I had sore muscles the next day. The pain means a good workout so I thought it is something worth sharing with everyone. It works your entire body muscle, from chest to legs. The best part of this challenge is that you can do it anywhere, at the backyard, at the local park etc. All you need is perhaps a yoga mat and kettle bell with a weight you are comfortable with. I did this challenge with a 12 kg kettle bell.

The challenge is to finish the following exercises in the shortest amount of time. You can break some of the exercises into multi parts, like I split push ups in two sets of twenty instead of doing forty reps in one go.

Let me know after you have completed the workout challenge and what do you think?


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