Announcement: Hiatus

Hi everyone. In case you have been wondering, my lifestyle page has not been updated as regularly as it should be. As much as I enjoy developing my lifestyle page, I have been swarmed with work. I am currently in my final semester of study, so naturally I will have an insanely huge amount of work to finish off. I am also a tutor at the University of Western Australia which also requires many hours from me. I am truly grateful of the teaching opportunity that I have and I cannot neglect my professionalism. On top of studying and teaching, being the digital content writer and marketing manager of IET WA Young Professionals has taken up a lot of my personal time. With the limited resources that I have, I need to refocus my priorities for the month of October.

As  I look forward to finish off my final semester at university, to hand in my thesis and at last my freedom, I look forward to engage with everyone through my lifestyle page too. Thank you for always supporting and reading my pages. I hope throughout the years you have enjoyed reading the content. However, this is not the end of everything. You can continue #LivingWithLH by following me on Instagram and Snapchat (username: fabulous_red) as I regularly update my live stories and post shameless selfies.

Till then, see you again in November!



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