Geofilters for Home

I am so grateful and lucky that Snapchat has approved four geofilters which I have designed. In many ways these areas mean a lot to me as they are places which I call home.

Green Heights – This is the area where I live whenever I go back to my home #1, Kuching. I am so happy that Snapchat has approved this geofilter so whenever I am back at home, I have a geofilter that I can use. And to my knowledge, Green Heights is perhaps the first and only neighbourhood with a geofilter.

Claremont –Β  This is the first suburb that my family and I lived in where we first arrived in Australia. Overall we had good memories living in the suburb so in many ways, I want to give back to the suburb that welcomed us with open hands when we first arrived. As a migrant, I know how important it is to feel integrated and accepted into the new community. This is for you Claremont.

Mount Pleasant – In 2013, my family and I decided to pack everything up and move to Mount Pleasant. We are still loving the new suburb and I know in particular dad loves the river view. I am proud to have 2 geofilters for my suburb and hopefully more people will discover Mount Pleasant. Very often I have to explain where Mount Pleasant is because to most people, they know where Applecross is but not its neighbour.


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