Strength Training For Runners

Cold winter months are good times for runners to hit the gym and do some strength training to prepare themselves for the warmer days. I personally love running during spring and autumn because of the weather. Here are some good strength training for runners during the time of years of extreme heat or cold.

#1: Body Weight Squats

Squats for days! Squats hit a lot of running-specific muscles, don’t require any equipment, and can easily be added to your post-run routine.

#2: Single Leg Deadlifts

If this is too challenging (we don’t want you to injure yourself), try deadlifts with both legs and at a weight that you can handle. It is always good to start the set with just the 20 kg bar. From there, you then work progressively upwards.

#3: Core Workouts

Be it planks or crunches, add this to your workout when you are doing strength training.

#4: Single-Leg Squats

When you are ready to move upwards from squats, try single-leg squats. Not only this helps to improve your muscles, it also improves your balancing.


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