Food Facts: Coconut Flour

Lately coconut has been a huge food trend. From coconut water to coconut oil, coconut has been driving the health food trend. I came across coconut flour the other day when I was browsing my Facebook timeline. I decided to do a little research on coconut flour and what are the health benefits of using it.

What is Coconut Flour?

Coconut flour is a gluten free “flour” that is essentially dried coconut in powdered form. It is made from the coconut solids that are left over after the meat been used to produce coconut milk. The solids are ground into a very fine, flour-like powder. The flour is popular for gluten free and low-carb baking, since it is low in carbohydrates and very high in fiber.

Health Benefits

  1. Aids in metabolism – high levels of healthy saturated fats in the form of medium chain fatty acids easily used by the body to boost metabolic rate
  2. High in fiber – coconut meat itself supplies an impressive 61% dietary fiber!
  3. Helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level – coconut flour can help to lower the overall glycemic impact of the food and to support stable blood sugar levels
  4. Helps digestive system – Coconut flour also helps with healthy digestion, has a high nutrient density, and can aid in heart health too.

Shop Coconut Flour

Planet Food Organic Coconut Flour ($8)

Nutiva Organic Gluten Free Coconut Flour ($8)

The Coconut Company Organic Coconut Flour ($8)

Note: All prices are accurate at the time of writing. Price does not include shipping fee or good and services tax.


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