Sleep More Run More

A study* by Armed Forces Biomedical Research Institute in France revealed to Runner’s World that sleep loss decreases motivation to perform even sedentary, daily-life activities. The study suggests runners to  increase sleep period by up to two hours per night in the week before the race. The study also recommends the following tips for male runners before a race:

  • Reduce light exposure in the evening, including light from screens such as phones and tablets.
  • Avoid caffeine and other stimulants for four to six hours before bedtime.
  • Maintain your usual training schedule, unless you usually run after 6 p.m. In that situation, try exercising earlier in the day.
  • If possible, avoid extra stress during the week before the race. For example, postpone meetings and other responsibilities that might cause middle-of-the-night mulling.

*The study is conducted based on 12 men.


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