Fashion Flashback: Balenciaga Resort 2009

In the fashion land, it is currently the resort season. Chanel has shown its incredibly fascinating runway in Cuba whilst Louis Vuitton has opted for Brazil. Other houses such as Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta and Fendi may not have a runway for their collection, but it is always fun to write the Fashion Flashback segment. I chose Balenciaga for very obvious reason (#DesignerDevotion!!) and since it is resort season, it is an appropriate time to write this segment.

Here are several looks from Balenciaga Resort 2009 collection which I think still look fashionable and chic. Look 17 is almost a safe choice for airport or workplace. Look 23 has an edgy finishing touch to it which is also not overly done. Look 28 is the perfect summer evening party dress.

Look 3

Look 5

Look 7

Look 17

Look 23

Look 28


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