Workout Wednesday: 4 Rules of Running

Mark Remy wrote a book called The Runner’s Rule Book and part of the book describes the four rules of running that can help people to get out there to be or to stay active. It has been published on May 2016 edition of Runner’s World Australia and New Zealand. The following are good for any runners in preparation for a race or marathon in the near future.

Silhouette of a couple running at sunset

#1: Team Up for Morning Runs

Knowing there is someone out there also getting dressed in the early morning is motivation enough.

#2: Run the Kilometre You’re In

Focus on the kilometre you’re running at the particular moment. Don’t dwell on the total distance or on how far you are from the finish line.

#3: Stretch

If stretching seems to help you run better and feel better, do it.

#4: Line Up Where You Belong

In a race, be honest with yourself and fair to other fellow runners. Line up where you belong.


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