Four Easy Ways for Runners to Eat Clean

I love reading Runner’s World magazine not only it provides me with a lot more insight into how to improve my running, it also helps to motivate and inspire me to do my weekly outdoor running. It is always important for runners to eat clean in order to improve overall health, general well being and performance of course.

1. Limit Process Food

Make your own meals and snacks instead of eating processed food. Over the years I start to avoid eating process food such as packaged crackers, chips and gradually I get used to not eating packaged chips or crackers. Now even when I go for grocery shopping, these confectioneries can’t even tempt me anymore!

2. Sodium

Sodium helps to regulate fluid levels in our bodies. Sodium can help to reduce chances of cramps but keep an eye on your sodium intake. For instance, whenever I grab sandwiches from Subway, I opt not to get additional salt on my sandwiches. Instead, I like to add pinch of salt into my lemon water which helps me with detoxification.

3. Fresh Food

I’m so lucky to be living in Australia where it is easy to access to fresh food. I buy my grocery every week from local farmers because I know they are freshly sourced and we are doing our best to support local farmers. Eating fresh food makes me happy, somehow.

4. Organic

If your bank account allows, try to get organic food to reduce the intake of pesticide or harmful ingredients. Another way of accessing organic food is to grow some food at your own garden. Otherwise going back to tip 3, shop at your local market and support local farmers. Special shoutout to readers in Kuching, Malaysia. I always love eating bidin because not only they are locally sourced, they are absolutely organic as they can only be sourced in the wild.


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