#TBT: 366 Days as a 23

Today is my last day being a 23 year old adult! Instead of fighting against aging, I’d rather embrace aging and take a look over what happened over the past 366 days and what I have accomplished when I was 23.


First thing first, I have finally graduated (twice!) when I was 23. I am really proud of my personal academic achievement. Although I have mentioned over and over, I am really grateful to all my family and friends for their unfailing support. I am extremely fortunate to have this opportunity in this lifetime to have access to education. I believe my work does not cease here. I strongly and passionately believe in the importance of #EducationEquality and I believe all children across the globe should have access to education and have a safe environment to learn, regardless of their gender, religion, culture and sexual orientation.


TWO of the most amazing things are actually being able to relive my childhood dream as the RED Power Ranger and meeting the original RED Power Ranger – Austin St John! In my wildest dream I would still not have expected these two to happen in the same year. Thank you again 92.9 for sponsoring the video shoot and having me on the radio’s breakfast talk show. 23 in many ways have been one of my best year yet.


Reconnecting with friends that mean the world to me. In January this year, I am so happy and honoured to be invited to one of my best friends, Zhann’s (middle) wedding! Despite being set back financially for my Italy trip, in many ways I would not have missed anything in the world’s for my best friend’s wedding. This is my first friend’s wedding that I have ever attended and I am so happy for Zhann and her husband, Roland.


A pair of shoes that I have been eyeing for seasons (we speak in fashion terms) is definitely the classic Balenciaga Low Sneakers. I could not be more proud of myself than ever that I bought myself my first pair of designer shoes at the age of 23. I am grateful for the job opportunities that have knocked on my door. I cannot wait to wear this pair of shoes tomorrow!


Just days before I turned 24 I have finally managed to take a photo with Declan. Declan is another one of my best friends whom I am so lucky to have shared my past 4 years of my uni life with.


Celebrated my very first Australia Day in Australia. Truly an unforgettable experience and in many ways it reminds me of how fortunate I have to have amazing friends here at my new home. Thank you all for making Australia my home #2.


As a 23, I managed to relive the good old days listening to Backstreet Boys on the radio and watching their MTV on the television. Backstreet Boys were in Perth last year and boy it was a total FLASHBACK FRIDAY moment!

As I close Chapter 23 of my life, I look forward to beginning a new chapter. With less than 24 hours to go, I am more than ready to embrace 24. Age, after all is just a number. Live life to the fullest and I cannot wait to accomplish more for the next 365 days.

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