Wardrobe Wednesday: Basic T-Shirt

Wardrobe Wednesday is a segment where I curate information about what are the must-have and what are the wants for your wardrobe. I am a t-shirt lover, not only because it is versatile but it could be worn whole year round despite of the climate. One of the best things to invest in your wardrobe is a good piece of basic t-shirt. Whether you are a fashion lover or non fashion follower, a basic t-shirt will never go wrong. While prices range from one brand to another, here are some of my fave basic t-shirt of all time.


LNA Men’s Crew Short Sleeve (AUD 75)

I own two LNA t-shirt (black and white) and I love them so much. Every time when I travel to South East Asia or any tropical places, I will pack my LNA t-shirt because of the light material that they use. It is so comfortable to be in LNA t-shirt especially under hot and humid weather. One of my 2016 wishlists is to stock up more LNA’s t-shirt.


Bonds Bestie Crew Tee (AUD 25)

Bonds is one of Australians’ favourite brands. Not only it is price friendly (it always does sales), the cotton that they use are really good quality ones. I have multiple Bonds merchandise in my wardrobe, whether it is t-shirt, underwear or socks, they are so comfortable to be in and they do last long. Grey is a safe colour to add to your wardrobe as it will never go out of style.


Banana Republic Pima Cotton T-Shirt (AUD 35)

LOVE! When I first tried the Banana Republic Pima cotton series, I felt in love with how soft the cotton is and how comfortable the t-shirt is. I bought a few in basic colours (white, grey and black). They are considered the safe colour and easy to match with any other wardrobe pieces. Definitely recommend this series to everyone.


American Apparel Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Summer T-Shirt (AUD 34)

I love American Apparel for its affordable price and fairly good quality. I have collected almost all the colour from its basic t-shirt line. Plain basic t-shirt is such an easy piece of fashion to mix and match with others. It is really hard to go wrong with a piece of basic t-shirt and I consider it as almost a wardrobe staple for everyone.

Whilst there are many luxury brands that manufacture basic plain t-shirt, this post is dedicated to readers who are after lifestyle brands which are affordable for most people.

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