Stylish Saturday: Acne Studios SS16 Menswear

Acne Studios is another designer label that I love buying. Their latest spring summer 2016 menswear collection is available since December and I would love to share a few key pieces from the collection.

Dasher C Face Black Fitted Cardigan Sweater. Price: $410

A cardigan is my go to piece during cooler summer evenings. I think cardigan is a versatile fashion piece and could be worn throughout the warmer days especially when you work in an office or just any days when the temperature is a little cooler than expected.

Casey Balsam Green Slim Sweatshirt. Price: $250

Sweatshirt is one of another fashion pieces worth buying. Although this colour may be seasonal, its cutting and plain design is something you can wear over the next few autumn through to spring here in Australia. I would recommend this sweatshirt if you are after some different colour scheme in your wardrobe.

Apolo Double Black Double Knit Poncho. Price: $1000

If you are after a statement piece when you are in fashion capitals such as New York, Milan, London or Paris, this Acne Studios poncho might just be the perfect accessory for you. You could wear something really simple underneath it and put this poncho over to make a statement when you step into the scene.

Phono PW MH Navy Chino Trousers. Price: $420

This season Acne Studios has reimagined what a belt should look like. Instead of wearing a belt over your chinos, it is time to reimagine how a pair of chinos should look like. Look no further, look at Acne Studios.


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