Throwback Thursday: Recapping 2015

The joy about December is being able to sit down and reflect upon the entire year and everything that has happened during the past 365 days. The best thing about this longest ride called life is that, sometimes there are so many unpredictable things that happened and part of the fun is to endure and enjoy the ride. Reviewing the year, I would like to highlight the top 10 memorable events that happened this year.

#1: I met Austin St John!

Austin and Leon

I had the biggest fan boy moment this year when I met Austin St. John who played the original Red Power Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger series. I grew up watching the Power Rangers series and meeting the actor in person is a total dream come true. Austin is a really nice person to talk to and he took the time to have a decent conversation with me when I met up with him this year. This photo taken at the Supanova Expo this year is priceless and something that I would hold on dearly for the rest of my life.

This all still seems surreal to me – never in my wildest dreams I thought I would be able to meet perhaps my very first celeb crush, have a conversation and take a picture with him. I do not think anything could top this for 2015.

#2: Dreams Come True!


2015 can be described as the year of Power Rangers for me and the year I relive all my childhood dream. One night I was browsing Facebook and came across the radio station hit92.9 Facebook post about asking audiences to post their childhood dream. I wrote down my childhood dream was to be a red power ranger. The next day they phoned me and I was live on the radio. Little did I know the totally awesome brekkie crew, Heidi, Will and Woody planned a surprise (with a little help from Sarah) for me by shooting a Power Ranger parody right here at UWA! I was beyond words when I realised that the radio station has sponsored this shoot and I was working like a professional actor. I felt so blessed and lucky that the entire crew has worked so hard and put in so much effort to make my dream come true! After the video was released WORLDWIDE, ICYMI this is the video link,  I was invited to the radio station for a LIVE chat, I was beyond stoked when I was offered the opportunity and the platform to speak to not only Heidi, Will and Woody but to Perth audience about my childhood dream.

Once again, thank you so much hit 92.9. I could not have asked more and thank you again and again!

#3: Bye Glasses


Another important milestone for me this year is that I said goodbye to my glasses. I am really grateful and thankful of my parents for encouraging me to undergo the laser surgery and at last I bid goodbye to my glasses and I am enjoying the life without glasses. It makes my workout whether it is outdoor running or training with my trainer so much easier. Thank you Dad and Mum, for giving me the gift of restoring my clear vision.

#4: Officially Graduated


Finally I have completed my two undergraduate courses at UWA – Bachelor of Science and Diploma in Modern Language. I thank everyone for their ongoing support and help throughout the past four years when I am completing my courses here at UWA. Thank you for making my experience at UWA an amazing one and I will never trade my undergraduate experience for anything else in the world.

Thank you Dad and Mum, for your believe in me and for your financial and moral support. Without your faith, believe and support, I would not be able to realise my dream and pursue my goals in life. Last but not least, this graduation is for you too my late grandma. Not a single day since you left us on 20 May 2008 I have not missed you. I knew you are still watching over us from above and I knew on the days when I graduated from university, you are watching from above. I wanted to share this joy with you more than anything, for you are the one whom encourage my sister and I to pursue tertiary education. Thank you for teaching me the basics from holding a pencil to write to remembering the multiplication table. This is for you.

#5: Featured on UWA Promotional Video


In July I shot a secret project with UWA. I had this great honour and privilege to be hand picked as an outstanding volunteer among all the UWA Students to be interviewed by The University of Western Australia. It gave me the platform to share my experience and thoughts about volunteering with not only the university community but also on the global scale.

I thank UniMentor and Aspire UWA for their unfailing support and recognition of my hard work throughout the years. Teachers whom have walked into my life before, thank you for your guidance and opportunity to learn and grow.

Above all, I thank my parents for their unfailing support and faith in me. They greatly encourage me to do things that I am passionate about in life. Last but not least, I thank my late grandmother, whom in many ways have shaped and nurtured who I am today. An inspiring woman who had taught me the importance of ‪#‎EducationEquality‬ and thus inspired me to be part of something great.

Watch the final clip here:

#6: Travel

I am really lucky to be able to go to three different cities that I have never been before. I still hold on to the saying that “Try to go to at least a new place every year.” and it has always been one of my new year resolution every year. This year, I went to Bali, Penang and Hobart.


Denpasar, Bali


Georgetown, Penang


Hobart, Tasmania

#7: The Demi World Tour


Adrienne and I went to see Demi Lovato in April this year. Listening to Demi singing live is amazing. Both Adrienne and I are a big fan of some of Demi’s hits such as Neon Lights, Skyscraper and Let It Go. It was a great night and both of us had so much fun especially when Demi performed Neon Lights as the encore. We both knew every single word to the song. Demi has also just released a new album this year called Confident. Download it here today at iTunes.

#8: Making Fitness Happen

As a postgraduate student, I do not deny that stress is higher than ever before. With more research, coursework and classes to teach, I found it really therapeutic to go for outdoor running. With every step I take and every fresh air that I breathe in, it helps to clear my mind and helps me to unwind from stress at study and work. I have been trying to do outdoor running a weekly thing, getting myself out in the world, soaking Vitamin D, making fitness happen and it is perhaps the best thing I have done for myself.


Just one of the perks of running around Canning River. Here is a shot of sunrise along the river.

#9: The Joy of Books

With study workload engulfing my personal time, sometimes all I want is to pick up a good book and lose myself in the world. This year I am happy that I have the time to pick up two books and read them.


Nicholas Sparks, the king of storytelling and romance has released a new novel See Me and this page turner is one of the best books I have read during my vacation in Hobart. I cannot wait for this novel to be adapted into another film in the near future.


The other book I have read is The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah. I picked up the book at the airport when I visited Singapore in June this year and she has absolutely done justice to Hercule Poirot created by Agatha Christie. In many ways, this book brings reminds me why I still love a good detective novels like when I was in primary school reading Nancy Drew series.

#10: iPhone 6s, iPod touch

Of course I will never go past a year without new Apple devices. My family and friends know my devotion to Apple and this year I could not be happier when Apple finally released the 6th generation iPod touch. The 5th generation iPod touch was launched in 2012 and it was getting old and slow. I quickly replaced my 5th generation with the 6th generation and I am loving it.

Did someone say iPhone 6s? The only thing that is changed is everything. I love my new iPhone 6s and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I love the power of iPhone and I will never cease my loyalty and support for Apple.


As I wrap up 2015 with many unforgettable moments and memories, I look forward to embark on 2016 and as always, I wonder what is in store for me. Thank you to each and everyone of you for walking with me for the past 365 days, be it on sunny days or bad times. Life is perhaps the longest ride we all have to walk and with every step, I want it to be a walk to remember.


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