Best of Balenciaga for 2016

Choosing a title for this post is difficult. I have conflicting views when I thought of using Fashion Flashback for this post. The irony is that these collections are revealed in 2015 which makes sense when we do a Fashion Flashback for them but at the same time, this collection are not available until 2016 which is until next year at the time I am penning this post.

As we start to wrap up the year 2015, it is always important to look forward to 2016 and see what we have in store for us, or rather what Balenciaga has that will get fashion lovers excited. Here I am handpicking the best of Balenciaga that Alexander Wang has produced this year for 2016.

Look 10. Balenciaga Resort 2016.

This look has been featured on Vogue Australia January 2016. I particularly love the swimwear and the trench coat. I could imagine the trench coat is made of really light material and if made available to the public, it can be a staple for women’s wardrobe. I see this trench coat as a must-have for holiday makers at exotic islands or a chic airport look.

Look 9. Balenciaga Resort 2016.

In my previous post, I described “What could get more Balenciaga than a Balenciaga beach towel?” My inner shopaholic is screaming in joy and hope that Balenciaga will release this towel as part of their 2016 collection. It is a must-have for beach lovers. Kerry Washington has been snapped wearing the dress in September 2015 when she was on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Look 4. Balenciaga Spring Summer 2016.

The last collection from Alexander Wang at Balenciaga is the Spring Summer 2016 collection. What captured my attention apart from the all-white, bridal inspired collection is the accessories. These cuffs look so pretty in gold and grey. If you have an iPhone or any Apple iOS devices, don’t you think these cuffs would go well with your iOS devices when you go for meeting with your iPad or having an accessory to compliment your iPod touch or iPhone? This accessory is seen across most models as they walked down the runway in October 2015.

Look 6. Balenciaga Menswear Spring Summer 2016.

There is just something about this look that captured my attention. The strong sense of personality that one can pull off by wearing a python-inspired print head-to-toe. This is not an easy look to pull off but the best (and safe) thing to do with prints is to match one of them with another plain piece. Note that Alexander Wang has also introduced the same cuff seen in the Spring Summer 2016 collection here. I really cannot wait for the cuff to be made into the full collection.

Look 21. Balenciaga Menswear Spring Summer 2016.

The motifs on the t-shirt and shorts are so beautiful and it was a shame it did not make it to the final collection for Spring Summer 2016. The coat has a really soft and neutral tone that could be a perfect accessory for men during spring season. Sometimes it is good to go against the current and opt for a softer and neutral tone for spring, instead of bursting in pop of colours.

These are my top 5 pick for Balenciaga 2016 collections. I look forward to their Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection because that will be the first collection from the new creative director, Demna Gvasalia. As I look forward to 2016, I am excited to purchase items off the Spring Summer 2016 collection. As always, I am eager to see Spring Summer 2017 menswear collection from Balenciaga too. Talk about excited!


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