Fitness Friday: Causes for Celebration


Whatever fitness you are into, it is human nature’s to give up after a while. Here are some tips adapted from Runner’s World Australia December 2015 edition to motivate us all to continue with our fitness plans and goals. The tips are written for runners but the same mentality is applicable for most people.

#1: Go About Your Day Post-Run

Running can be tiring, even if you stick to a sensible run-walk plan. That’s why so many runners love coffee (preach this!): Bouncing back from a run can be half the battle, especially for newbies Returning from a run feeling refreshed rather than depleted shows that you are adapting to the tress of that distance and pace.

#2: Enjoy A Run From Start To Finish

While the first couple of kilometers of a run can be tough for anyone, new runners may regularly take a while to warm up. However, a day will come when you feel good from the get-go – a sign that you’re getting stronger and better at pacing yourself.

#3: Brave Tough Weather

When running itself isn’t easy, it’s especially hard to get out the door on a rainy, windy or cold day. But enduring a workout in bad conditions build character and confidence, and can help you avoid making excuses in the future.

#4: Run Consistently

It takes about three weeks of running at least three days per week to get to the point where missing a workout triggers a sense of withdrawal, which increases desire to be more consistent. This healthy cycle can hep you maintain your running habit for years.

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