Stylish Saturday: Summer Essentials 2

We will pick up from last week segment where I shared with everyone some key summer essentials. This week we continue looking fashion pieces that are fashionable and trendy and most importantly it will not break your wallet.

Previously I blogged about the metallic series thongs or flip flops from Havaianas. As mentioned in last week’s post, suede will be a huge colour this season. Finishing up your beach outfit with this pair of Havaianas thongs for only $29.99. This is a limited edition so pick up one here.

For an affordable t-shirt with floral print (this season is all about floral clashing!), I will definitely go for this Bonds Printed Heat Wave tee. Price: $29.95

Earlier this year I blogged about Calvin Klein Reveal. If you have not bought yourself one yet, 100 mL of Reveal is available from Myer at $77. A good tip when you shop for fragrances whether at airport or at departmental store is to ask for free gifts! You will end up getting many little gifts that adds on more value to your purchase.


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