Street Art 🎨

Penang is not only famous for its delicious unique local cuisine, it is also well-known among local and foreign tourists for its street arts. The Armenian Street has collection of street arts and murals. It is a pure joy and excitement to search for these street arts. It is always important for us to recognise and celebrate local artists and honour their creativity. I found this snap, shot on my iPhone 5S in January 2015 when I was in Penang for the first time. I have also posted on Instagram previously on other famous street arts of Penang.



There are so many other beautiful street arts in Penang. You should go check it out yourself the next time you decide to visit Penang in Malaysia. ICYMI, Georgetown (capital of Penang Island) is the only city in Malaysia to be nominated by Lonely Planet as Best in Travel: 2016 Top Cities. Go check out what Lonely Planet has to say about Georgetown and Penang here.

I hope you will all get excited planning for your 2016 travel plans!

4 thoughts on “Street Art 🎨

    1. I’ve been there for the first time this year and I ❀️ the murals! You should visit Kuching, Malaysia too! It’s a food heaven on the other side of Malaysia

      1. Yeah I have to visit Sarawak region. Have explored only parts of Sabah and loved every bit. Of course, Malayasia is good heaven.

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