#HMBalmaination Collection for Men

As we pull closer to November, we are also gearing up for the highly anticipated collaboration between H&M and Balmain. Led and designed by Balmain creative director, Olivier Rousteing, this collection allows buyers to purchase Balmain pieces via H&M at an affordable price. Rousteing is well-known for his obsession with haute couture and this collaboration allows many people to own a piece or even more of Rousteing’s design at an affordable price. With its launching date (5 November 2015) drawing closer and closer, I am showing some of my favourite picks from the collection.

LOVE! The white blazer. Perfect for the upcoming spring weather and if you are a Melbourne Cup fan, this blazer could be your go to blazer every year!

TREND SETTER! The horizontal stripe print on the t-shirt is everything. Horizontal stripe is a big thing next season and you can wear this through to spring summer 2016.

MUST-HAVE! Balmain die hard fan like me or if one of your designer devotions is Balmain, wear this Balmain t-shirt with pride! Who does not love some Balmain in their wardrobe?

COUTURE! This jacket is the product of Rousteing’s obsession with couture. Since not everyone can afford a couture collection, this is the closest we can get to. Who else can make artistically completed yet aesthetically pleasing fashion piece but Olivier?

SEXY! This blazer is everything. Guys who work hard and earned their sexy body should not let go this perfect opportunity to show off your body with this H&M x Balmain blazer.


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