Fitness Friday: Outdoor Running Tips 🏃

With spring kicking in now in Australia, there is no reason not to put on a pair of good running shoes and start some outdoor running. Outdoor running is suitable for people of all ages and if you are overweight and embarrassed to hit the gym, outdoor running or walking could be a good place to start. You can do everything at your own pace and you won’t be constantly surrounded by fit gym junkie.

I found some outdoor running tips that I reckon is applicable for everyone:

#1: Avoid Running on Pavement

Although easily accessible, pavement is a hard, unforgiving surface. Abruptly switching from a soft treadmill belt to a stiff road can be such a shock to the muscles and joints; some may find it hard to run half a mile without stopping in pain. Ease into running on the pavement by starting on the grassy areas between the sidewalk and the road, or better yet, stick to dirt roads or woodsy trails.

#2: It’s Ok NOT to Run on Constant Pace

Outside is a whole new ballgame since you’re in charge of maintaining your speed. Aside from using your own muscles to propel each step, the steeper inclines, road obstacles, and uneven terrain make it harder to run fast. Don’t feel compelled to push yourself to run at the same pace you did on the treadmill you may end up falling or pulling a muscle. Run at a moderate and comfortable pace that allows you to run safely, and gradually increase your speed over several weeks.

#3: Wear the Right Shoes

A regular running sneaker was perfect for the flat, predictable surface of a treadmill, but once you head outdoors, make sure your sneaker’s tread can handle the gravel, dirt roads, and slick trails. You want a sneaker that supports your feet and offers a grippy sole so you feel confident moving over uneven surfaces.


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