Stylish Saturday: Wear White for Spring 2015

Spring does not kick start officially until September but with end of season sales happening right now across most online stores, Australians are in some sense lucky to be able to purchase some Spring/Summer 2015 collection at a fraction of the price. For Spring 2015, Porter magazine suggested ladies to go for white! White has a familiar softness but yet comes with an unexpected strength. I personally reckon that white is a colour ladies can wear throughout the warmer days in Australia especially in summer. For spring where most of us still throw on some layers, I have found out some key pieces and accessories that you might consider adding to your wardrobe.

This pair of Balmain vani leather slip-on sneakers is the perfect pair of shoes that you want to pack with you if you are going on for travelling. Sneakers are perfect for travelling and some light walking. If you are after something more casual and edgy while you’re going on a shopping spree in Milan or Dubai, why not spoil yourself with this pair of Balmain for €297? Sales does not last long so get it today here. 👟

Marni has a dyed calfskin leather jacket and I personally white will not go out of style easily. It is an easy colour to match and I think not only white can hint romance but it can also reveal a sense of power to women. This Marni jacket is currently on sales to at $1230 available here. ❤️

Balenciaga classic design, the City bag now comes in a miniature version and in white too! What a perfect combination! The gold metallic edges around self-finish stud simply complements the shiny goatskin! If you have AUD1500 to spare, this can be your new addition to your wardrobe or your Balenciaga collection. Shop for this Balenciaga mini city bag here. 💛

Another Balenciaga that has being a hit this SS15 among fashion bloggers is this canvas and calfskin tote. Many fashion bloggers have been wearing this tote around the street or bringing it to the beach. It costs AUD835 but if you go to the beach often and this pattern can last you for a while so I think the price tag could be justified. Your call but one point to remember, this page is selling out quickly! For more information, click here. 💦

For something that does not break your wallet, Calvin Klein has its Stef Reversible Shopper Bag in white. It comes with a removable zip pouch so with the price of less than AUD150, you can get two items. The pouch can be used for many things everyday, from quick run to your local supermarket to a pouch to keep your car keys, gym access card and phones when you head over to the gym. It is available from ASOS here. 💞


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