Wardrobe Wednesday: Calvin Klein SS16 Menswear

Italo Zucchelli’s latest collection for Calvin Klein SS16 Menswear collection would make you dream of having a California summer holiday. In his collection, his main motif is inspired by Los Angeles’ artist Ed Ruscha’s palm trees and surfers waves on the t-shirt. In this collection too, Style.com Tim Blanks also reviewed that Zuccehlli is exploring the possibilities of fabrics.  Tim Blanks wrote that with this collection, Zucchelli made a jacquard of stone-washed denim, such an accurate looky-likey that you’d be completely fooled into thinking you were looking at a jacket and jeans from the 1970s wardrobe of Jan-Michael Vincent or Willie Aames. Zucchelli paired them with a white poplin tee, just about the most classically minimal menswear combination you could imagine.

Here are my favourite look from the collection and what I think is something practical to wear here in Australia.

This t-shirt is definitely one of the key items I want next year from the Calvin Klein SS16 collection to be added to my wardrobe. 🌴

Keeping it cool and stylish with some motifs is the way to go for spring weather. Or in many cases in Australia, this look is perfect for our autumn days too! πŸ‚

The surfer wave motif print is another key piece from this collection I want to add on to my wardrobe. Note too this colour tone is present and used by many fashion houses in the SS16 menswear collection so I suspect this may be the key colour for SS16. πŸƒ

It’s summer and you seriously need to throw some shades on. Calvin Klein sunglasses is a good place to start. 😎

I love this look a lot. It is so versatile. If you take off the jacket, it could be a stylish look you wear to the golf club in spring or summer. Take off the hat, it will be a versatile look from weekend parties to social hangouts and dinners. The hat is everything. If you are a hat lover, you might want to add this piece of accessories to your wardrobe, if Calvin Klein decides to sell it of course! ⛳️

Days when you feel like #AllBlackEverything this look can be your go to inspiration. Make sure you pin it on your Pinterest board or save it onto your camera roll on your iPhone and iPad. ❀️


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