Book Review: The Monogram Murders

It has been a while since I picked up a good novel and thoroughly enjoyed a page turner. I was waiting at Perth Airport the other day and came across this novel featured on the shelf. Ever since Year 12, I have developed fondness in romantic novels, particularly those by Nicholas Sparks and the last time I read a book and thoroughly enjoyed it was in 2013 when I read The Longest Ride. I have to say The Monogram Murders is the first novel I picked up ever since.

Though titled as the Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot’s series, The Monogram Murders is written by Sophie Hannah and I must say she has written a piece of great work. I like how Hannah twisted and turned the plot, paying fine details to the case just like how Christie would describe her Poirot’s character. The novel has an interesting plot and it recounted how a maid who fell in love with her master turned against him. Many years later after the maid Jennie Hobbs left Great Holling, she had come out with the perfect scheme with now a renowned artist in London, Nancy Ducane who is from Great Holling to murder three people from Great Holling. It was a fresh interesting new plot and I would say Hannah has done justice and live up to the expectation.

Final thoughts: I’m glad I picked up the novel and I’m glad I spent my Sunday afternoon reading a page turner. In many sense, it reminds me how much I still love a good crime novels.


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