Workout Wednesday: Benefits of Running

Man Running

Workout Wednesday!! It has been a while since I have contributed for this segment. I discovered outdoor running circa 2014 and I am still loving it. It is way much better than the treadmill in the gym. Here are some of the 5 benefits of running:

#1: Do it Anywhere 🏃

Yes. With outdoor running, you can literally do it anywhere. All you need is a pair of good running shoes. I recommend investing a little more in established brands such as Adidas, New Balance and Nike because at the end of the day, it is also important to protect your feet.

#2: Save Some Cash 💰

With outdoor running, you can tick off your weekly cardio workout without having to pay a cent. Further more you get to have fresh air and have a change of scene as you run across the park or neighbourhood. It is umpteen better than staring at the wall in your gym if you are running on the treadmill.

#3: Increase Stamina 💪

Running will help you to increase your stamina and endurance. With a better stamina, you get to explore places more the next time when you travel without having to rest frequently.

#4: Run Stress Away 👣

Whether you are a student or you are working, stress is part and parcel of our life. So if you are stress, running can help you to clear your mind and help to distress. Sweating after a good run will clear your mind a little and may even boost your productivity.

#5: Visit the Doctor Less 😉

Research has shown that active people are less likely to develop colon cancer. Women who regularly engage in intense workout like running can reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 30% (Women’s Health 2013).


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