Fragrance Friday: Calvin Klein ‘Reveal’

Perfume is one of my favourite things in the world and I remind myself everyday I am so blessed to have array of choices of perfume to choose from everyday. It has been more than a year I have done Fragrance Friday but I am definitely going back to one of the things that define who I am – perfumista.

Calvin Klein has revealed its latest fragrance for men, Reveal and officially released it to the market in February 2015. I bought one the other day from Myer as a birthday present from me to me. I smelled the fragrance and it is so good. Below is the composition of the perfume.

Top notes include crystallized ginger, mastic, pear brandy and kiwano (African horned melon). Its heart contains aromas of suede, clary sage and agave nectar. The base includes tonka bean, vetiver, organic Haitian Orpur® and golden amber.

Source: Fragrantica

I think this is a good perfume and definitely makes a good addition to collection or a good gift idea. Here is the campaign shot for Reveal. #RevealMore


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