All-Year Round 2015 Wishlist

I cannot believe I am turning 23 tomorrow! It just seems like yesterday I was singing Taylor Swift “22” and guess what it is over now! I am turning 23 in less than 24 hours time! It is scary to think how fast time elapses. I have put together my all-year round wishlist so if anyone of you out there reading my blog now, if you want to grant me my birthday wishlist, you are more than welcomed!

Above all, I like to have this post posted on my blog as a reminder and motivation for me. I like to see it as a motivation to drive me to work harder and goals to strive for. I love Balenciaga so much that all the items below are all available from Balenciaga!

Balenciaga Phileas Wallet (AU$245)

Balenciaga Phileas Continental Zip Around (AU$525)

Balenciaga Arena Low Sneakers

Balenciaga Rop Slippers (AU$485)

Balenciaga Navy Tote (AU$900)


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