Friendship Friday ✌️

This week Friendship Friday shoutout goes to the one and only Shantaine Van Wieringen. She is one of my closest friends in Perth, Australia and words cannot describe how grateful and blessed I am to have her in my life. She is a true gem that makes my new life in Australia and University of Western Australia a journey worth taking. People come and go in our life, but some people come into our life and change things completely. Shanny, my favourite blasian is definitely some special individual that has stepped into my life and my life has never ever been the same. My journey at UWA will never ever be the same without Shanny. I am truly grateful for this God-sent mate. Together we create so much fond memories together, food hunting around Perth, watching romantic film and crying together, Jacob’s ladder fitness buddy, good listener and adviser, your #NotSoTypicaAsian beach buddy and lots more. You cannot find this special package in anyone else in the world but Shanny.

2015 marks the 3rd year I have known you. Our friendship began and blossomed over a question I asked Shanny during Spring Feast 2012 “Hey Shanny are you wearing Marc Jacobs’ Daisy?” Looking back I have never thought that one question like that could be the start of a genuine friendship which I will cherish forever.

Here is to our friendship for as long as we can remember!

Style Snapshot: I’m wearing Marcs t-shirt and Calvin Klein sunglasses.


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