With 2014 coming to an end, I thought I’d wrap up the year with some top 5 memorable events.

#1: artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball

I am so lucky I get to attend another Lady Gaga‘s concert in Perth this year! Promoting her third studio album, ARTPOP, the tour is full of colour and creativity. I enjoy every single second of the concert. The best part… She performed JUDAS and she was less than 2 meters away from me when she performed my all time favourite! Mother Monster fucking slayed the concert and I cannot wait for her next album and next world tour!

#2: Finished my Undergraduate

I finally finished my undergraduate study at UWA! First, I am utterly grateful for my parents for their financial and moral support for me to pursue my tertiary education in Australia. Looking back, moving to another country is not an easy thing and I am forever grateful for what they have provided for me. Now, I am over the moon I have finished my Bachelor of Science and Diploma in Modern Language. I cannot wait for my graduation ceremonies in 2015!

#3: Down South Trips

This year I headed down south twice with some of my good friends. In July we headed down to Yallingup for a wine tour in the Margaret River region. In December we went down to Waroona for a 3 days relaxation after a year of hard work and exam. Although I have not been able to leave the country or board the plane as often as the rest of my family (I literally stay in Perth for 10 months without flying!!!) I am glad I managed to go to Waroona, some places I have never been before this year.

#4: UniMentor of the Year Award

I am honoured to receive the UniMentor of the Year Award this year from the University of Western Australia. I am really proud of my personal achievement and being able to be recognised by my university, it is an amazing thing. I am really proud of our Australian value, a fair go where everyone is given equal opportunity to shine.

#5: Balenciaga

Everyone who knows me well knows I love Balenciaga. When my parents went to Europe this year in October, they surprised me when they got me 2 Balenciaga bags which have been on my wishlist on Mr Porter for a while. Did someone say Christmas comes a little earlier?

With 2014 coming to an end, I am also very keen to find out what is in store for me in 2015! Last but not least, wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2015!


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