Trendy Tuesday: Balenciaga Cable Shopper

In Balenciaga Autumn/Winter 2014/15 collection, Alexander Wang is all about bags. And when I say the creative director of Balenciaga is all about bags, he literally means it. Balenciaga has lately launched a new series of handbags – the Cable Shopper. It is definitely a huge step away from Nicolas Ghesquiere’s iconic Motorcycle and City designs. Wang has challenged himself to come out with something new and different from his first series of handbag, Le Dix that he has designed for Balenciaga.

Rihanna has been snapped using the Balenciaga Cable Shopper handbag several times. Beyonce, Zoe Kravitz and Kate Bosworth have already been snapped too using this Balenciaga new series of handbag. I wonder how long it will take before the Kardashian and Jenner sisters will start buying these series of Balenciaga new handbags.

The new Balenciaga Cable Shopper bags are now available online and in store. What are your thoughts of Wang’s new series of handbag for Balenciaga? Do you think they will replace Chanel’s backpack as 2015 IT bag? Let me know in the comments!

Cable Shopper M 2

Cable Shopper M 3

Cable Shopper M 1


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