UWA Aspire Photoshoot


Fresh from the oven!! Few months ago I did a photoshoot with my university for another voluntary programme that I am involved, UWA Aspire. Aspire is a high school outreach programme that aims to inspire, motivate and encourage students from low social economic background, single-parent families, or schools with high percentages of immigrants, less advantages, both in metropolitan Perth and rural Western Australia. I have always fundamentally believed that all young Australians should be given a fair go in education, despite their background (racial or financial). Education is the key to change someone’s life and I believe it is also the tool to break the poverty cycle in most cases. I have had so many wonderful experience working with these high school students and I really hope more people will spring on board and join our team for a good cause.

Thank you Matt Galligan for this wonderful and beautiful cover for UWA Aspire booklet. This booklet will be sent out to potential sponsors to fund this meaningful programme or to anyone who wants to know more about this program. The recent budget slash by the Abbott government has damaged education significantly and it does not align parallel to what I fundamentally believe in education and the Australian’s core value – a fair go.

All young Australians should be given a fair go inn education and the chance to find their path, discover their passion, chase their dream, realise their goal and change their life. I hope this booklet provides essential information to potential sponsors and I hope they will fund this programme so more young Australians will have the chance to experience university lifestyle.


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