Interview with UWA Students

In August, I have done an exclusive interview with UWA Students. I am honoured and privileged to talk about my story and share my experience at UniMentor, a student voluntary body that I have been actively involved since 2011. UniMentor in a nutshell deals with new students – upon arrival in the country to orientation week, settling into the university lifestyle, making smooth transition and knowing new people, this programme has changed me so much and has helped me improve my personal attributes, interpersonal skills and expanded my network.

It is nice to know that your effort has been recognised and deemed as a potential and positive influence on students when it comes down to choosing voluntary organisations on campus. You can read my full interview here and once again, thank you for featuring me on the university Facebook page.

And big shoutout to Amanda Epoi for shooting this photo for me. We took it when we headed to Augusta in 2013 and never knew it can be turned into an interview featured picture! Big thanks!

1294579_214616362054395_1875643972_o copy


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